Wednesday, December 25

25 December 2013

We had a quiet family Christmas in the middle of the week.
There was a little shopping and a lot of eating.
Santa came and brought a new suitcase and books about Italy
(in anticipation of a possible Spring Break trip).
He also brought clothes, earrings, iTunes GC and a dart board.
Santa left a note to explain that his sled had an accident
and the ping pong table was damaged!
It had to be sent back to Santa's workshop,
but a new one was on the way.
That's ok because,
Christmas afternoon included so much dart playing
that a couple of people woke up with sore arms!

Tuesday, December 17

17 december 2013

Wise Family Christmas included a change in venue.
In order to go to a family wedding in Jackson,
we had Christmas at John and Libba's.
There was food and laughter
and a wedding
and gifts and even some basketball
but most of all family.

Tuesday, December 10

10 december 2013

Before the move, Carly had hosted her
"Girlfriend Christmas Party"
for several years.  Last year following the move
and being displaced in the apartment,
we didn't have a party.  I don't think we officially
called it off, I think life was just so topsy-turvy
that it just didn't happen.
But after high demand (pretty much from Carly)
the party was back on this year.
They ate, they crafted, they swapped ornaments
and they refused to take a serious picture!

Tuesday, December 3

3 december 2013

The tree is up and a couple of presents are wrapped.
Christmas 2013 has kicked off.
The first Christmas in our new house.
Last year, Christmas was spent in the apartment
with all our Christmas decorations in storage.
I'm thankful for those memories including the
Charlie Brown Christmas tree that Kacey let us borrow.
But... I'm glad to have our ornaments hanging, each with special memories attached.
 Carly's nativity scene is set up, each piece dated from the past 13 years.
The countdown box was back with a month full of fun.
The albums full of Christmas cards from family and friends are out.
I think we are ready...
well, that might be a small overstatement!

Tuesday, November 26

26 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving in Clarksdale. 
Family weekend in town with yummy breakfasts, fire in the fireplace,
Bloody Mary's, football, veal parmesan, and times!

Tuesday, November 19

19 November 2013

Stole this one from Carly's phone camera roll! 
These girls make me smile. 
Okay, they can also make me crazy but mostly they make me smile. 

Tuesday, November 12

12 November 2013





Tuesday, November 5

5 November 2013

Halloween 2013
Carly had 3 neighborhood friends over for burgers.
(and eyeball cake!) 
We all took turns answering the door and handing out candy.

The girls waited until dark to hit a couple of houses for treats
(only little kids trick-or-treat when it is light outside). 

They came into the kitchen in their super hero attire,
we took a couple of pictures,
and off they went to the "donut" house. 
(what else does the owner of the krispie kreme give out...duh mom!)

3 1/2 minutes later.....

Tuesday, October 29

29 October 2013

1st basketball game of the season was a good one. It was an 8th grade only game which allowed Carly and her 8th grade teammates to have lots of play time.  It gave them a chance to shake the nerves and have fun! What a great way to start the season!

Shaking my head....  Look at their surroundings!  I'm pretty sure a tsunami has come through. No wonder an extra pair of uniform shorts came home with us. It will be a miracle if we make it through the season with all our stuff. 

Tuesday, October 22

22 October 2013

We had a quiet weekend just the 3 of us in the woods. 
Kenny took his bow up a tree but didn't have any luck. 
We hung out by the fire pit, played games, watched some football, 
cooked out, looked at magazines, rode the 4-wheeler, took photos, and
watched Sophie run and run and run! 
I need an escape occasionally when you are just forced to slow down!