Friday, December 30

christmas in Silver City

This was the first time in eleven years that we were not at home Christmas Eve,
but with us spread out on opposite ends of the state, we decided this worked best.
Carly opened her 3 Christmas Eve presents -
book, nativity scene piece (sitting camel), and pajamas.
She declared to everyone, any chance she got,
that she knew what was in that 3 present bundle.
I told her after 11 Christmas's that she should know!
Santa came as usual, bearing lots of goodies wrapped in "santa" paper.
Santa didn't forget Sofie and even added Cheerio treats for Buck.
Santa brought cowboy boots along with
new purple crocs, a tennis outfit, books, an alarm clock,
iTunes gift cards, word game books,
and graphic coloring books with markers.
Carly asked for make-up, and Santa came through.
He brought some moisturizer, concealer with sponges,
lip gloss, nail polish, and tweezers.
Santa loves surprises and
this year he brought Carly an email address.
I don't know how long the thrill will last but
so far it is the hit of the holidays.
We had family present opening on Christmas afternoon.
Can you tell we love wrapping paper?
Kacey won the prize for the largest boxes.
I love those two! Aunt Kacey and Uncle Rocky gave Carly 2 pieces of Vera Bradley to match her duffel. She got a small duffel and a "makeup" bag (also on the wish list). MamMam and G'daddy gave Carly a new Northface coat (on her list), cake decorating supplies, and MamMam painted her this super cute study board.
. Aunt Donna Sue and Unc gave Carly some shopping money. She has already spent a little (miracles do happen) on some much needed clothes!
Late afternoon, we got to do stockings! We love stockings, can you tell?

I was going to say, "me with the 2 most spoiled of the group", but I think we all are!


Thursday, December 29

countdown: the final days

Day 15: new Christmas puzzle
I'm beginning to wonder if the puzzle should just be a gift to myself.
I enjoyed it a lot more than Carly did.
Day 16: an art activity for Clarksdale
Carly got these wooden ornaments
for her and JC to color and hang on Nonna's tree.

Day 17: a container of nail polish remover pads

The Saturdays when we are out of town

are hard to accomplish activities.


Day 18: Make gift tags

Each year Carly makes gift tags

to put on her presents to grandparents, aunts and uncles

(typically the photo calendars that we make in which she is the star).

This year she made button trees on hanging tags.

They turned out super cute and nothing like I was imagining.

(the traditional one in the foreground is the one I made)

Day 19: decorate a gingerbread house

Last year, after Christmas, I must have been feeling very industrious

when I bought this gingerbread VILLAGE on clearance!

I think we will go back to a traditional house next year

even though Carly said she had fun.


Day 20: tennis clinic with friends

Carly and some friends went to Tunica foran indoor tennis clinic.

It ended up being 2 days which was great.

Carly was glad to get on the court even though she was sore afterwards.

It had been a while since she played.

Day 21: making Christmas sweets

Carly chose and made

gingerbread cookies, oreo balls, and white trash.

I made chocolate toffee.


Day 22: a Christmas doodle book for the trip

It was a hit,

maybe more with me and MamMam,

but it was fun.

I packed it up in the Christmas stuff for more drawing next year.


Day 23: Cooking with MamMam

They made a Hershey Pie.

I would add the recipe here, but I don't have it.

Something about 26 marshmallows.

We will just call it a family secret.

Day 24: a pair of cute striped fuzzy socks


Day 25: card game

The last box is always a game to add to our collection.

This year Carly got Phase 10.

We haven't gotten to play much yet,

but I'm looking forward to keeping a running game going!

Monday, December 26

christmas dinner in Clarksdale

Better grab one before Carly and Beege get their hands on them.
Celeste putting on the finishing touches. Beef tenderloin, homemade ravioli, salad, and rolls.
Nonna with her grands.
John Camp with his plate of goodness.
Doug right before he declared "I'm Italian".

Monday, December 19

countdown week 2

Day 8: Act of Service - Take food to the food pantry.
Our church was collecting food, so
we bought some of the items they were requesting
including peanut butter, pasta, and cereal.
Day 9: Take Daddy out for Mexican.
Kenny was home for the weekend, so
we had a special night out
at one of our favorite restaurants.
Day 10: New Ornament for the Christmas tree.
It was a cute plush cupcake
that Carly decided to hang in her room
rather than on the tree.
Day 11: Christmas movie night.
Carly chose Santa Clause II
{and popcorn}.
Day 12: Art project
Carly decided she wanted to make more
glitter ornaments.
She now has a whole bowl full.
They turned out really pretty.
Day 13: Bubble bath in Mom's bathtub.
{the jets make lots of bubbles}
Day 14: Act of Service - Make "thinking of you" Treats to handout.
Carly used printables that I found by way of Pinterest
to make these cute bags of Hershey Kisses.
She handed them out to our sweet neighbor, the secretary at school,
her hairdresser, and the mailman. She still has a couple to
hand out as needed.

Sunday, December 11

where we spend all our extra time

Sometimes I don't know if we are coming or going -
practice, practice, game, practice, practice, game.
But I don't know who enjoys it more, me or #31?

Thursday, December 8

the countdown begins

Life might be crazy but it goes on!
It's December and the countdown box is out.
Here is the first week's fun.
Day 1: "Paint your nails" with a new bottle of glittery purple nail polish
Day 2: "a new Christmas T-shirt"
Day 3: "unpack your nativity scene"
Day 4: "bake for your teachers"
We made mini loaves of egg nog pound cake,
wrapped them all cute,
and delivered all 16!

{thanks doodlebugspaper for super cute stickers}

Day 5: "Go to the Christmas Parade"
For the first time since we started doing the countdown box,
Hernando's Christmas Parade was cancelled due to rain.
Carly talked me into going to Starbucks for an apple cider instead.
Day 6: "Go for a special after school snack"
Carly chose chips and cheese dip at the Mexican resturaunt.
Day 7: "Act of Service: Buy and take supplies to the animal shelter"
This is the first year that I have incorporated service into the countdown box.
We bought dog & cat food, dog & cat treats, and dog & cat toys.
Carly tried her best for us to leave with a cat-
begging, pleading, trying to make me feel sorry for her, bribery, even a guilt trip.
It didn't work.

Monday, November 14

watch out for the wildcard

My tennis team was awarded a wildcard slot to play in the
Mississippi state tennis tournament.
So this weekend, I got to spend a long weekend with friends in Jackson
enjoying tennis, beautiful weather, and girl time!
We were 4 and 1 which was not enough to make the finals,
but it was tons of fun.
I am so thankful that I got a chance to spend this time with these girls
having fun, making new friends and getting to know each other better.

Tuesday, November 1


Good grief! she's growing up too fast.
Trick-or-treat? or not to trick-or-treat?
Thankfully, some friends invited her to join in.
And, once again Halloween = fun time with friends.

Friday, October 28

Five Minute Friday


  • Last night at 9:00, I opened the refrigerator for a little diet coke, and decided that I couldn't stand how icky it was one more second. At 11:00, it was all sparkly and shiny and leading me to ask, "how does all that ick get inside my refrigerator?" or maybe the question should be "realistically, how often should I be wiping out the inside?" Mom, you don't' have to answer that.

  • When you avoid Walmart shopping for long enough, you start to run out of everything. And when you give in and go to what I like to call The Heart of Darkness, you can spend $150 dollars without buying anything fun at all. Well there was a couple bags of Halloween candy. That's fun.

  • I'm feeling a little down about Halloween. I really like Halloween. The start of Fall. The start of the holiday season. Fun family time. Pumpkins. Cute witches and ghosts. Combining orange, lime green and purple. First of all, it has really snuck (is that a word?) up on me. Then there is the fact that I forced myself only to get a few fall type decorations out so that the house didn't look cluttered (if someone actually comes to look at the house).Then I decided not to try and have guests Halloween night - without Kenny here, because it is a Monday night, blah, blah. But the tipping point is not really knowing what to do with Carly? Too old for costume and trick-or-treating? Really not wanting to give in and stay home and hand out candy?

  • Yeah!! Kenny is coming home for the weekend. Should I still say he is coming "home"? It is home until someone else decides they want it to be their home. Then I will pack all our junk and actually hire a mover. Until then, he is coming "home".



Tuesday, October 25

burying st. joseph

He's not just any st. joseph statue.
Celeste says he has a good history.
Not just any old statue. This one has been there, done that.
He is going to bring us a buyer for our house.
So Carly dug a hole.
We buried him upside down and facing the house.
That's what the internet directions said.
So, St. Joseph, patrol saint of home and family,
we are ready. Send us a buyer!

Monday, October 24

happy fall, ya'll

We have had a few weeks of fabulous fall weather!
There have been a couple of winter-like and then summer-like,
but overall perfectly fall-like.
And all I can say is, "bring on some more!"
Carly passed out a few fall happies -
New Orleans pralines
all cute with
Doodlebugs Stationery!

Thursday, October 20

kinda like a pinata

The party favors that I found today
left by the roofers.
I see a flat tire
or tetanus
in the future.
{can dogs get tetanus?}