Thursday, May 31

2012: week 22

The last couple of weekends we have taken advantage of 
one of Hattiesburg's assets...
the Longleaf Trace.
It is a rails to trails program. 
They have taken an old railroad bed and made it a trail for walking and cycling.
I think the whole thing is like 30 miles.
The good thing is you can park at different "depots"
so you can explore different sections.

We have spent hours together as a family
without a TV in sight.
Carly even got a new bike.
Now if I could figure out a shuttle system to pick me up
when I ride too far from the truck!

Friday, May 25

2012: Week 21

Our wonderful home for 11 years. 
What wonderful memories were made there!
My sweet baby girl had many firsts there.
We spent some great times with friends and family
both inside and out.
The fire pit and rope swing have seen a lot of action.
But today, I can say that I no longer own it.
It's bittersweet,
but time.

Thursday, May 17

2012: Week 20

I love these girls.
These are Carly's SBEC basketball teammates.
6th grade champions and
a terrific group of girls.
Coach Stephen scheduled an end-of-the-year party
along with a going away party for the "Carlys".
{CarlyT. is moving away this summer too}

We have been looking forward to going back and seeing everyone.
We spent a gorgeous day on the lake
and the girls enjoyed playing together all day.
I wish I had recorded Coach Stephen's prayer before lunch, but
what I continue to pray is that God surrounds Carly
with a group of friends like these.

Thursday, May 10

2012: week 19


We spent the weekend in Tunica
playing in a junior tennis tournament
and more than anything
spent 2 days with friends!

Carly was 2 and 1
and played a lot of good tennis.
Her and Miss MM tied for third.

It was great to hang out with friends
and watch all these sweet girls play tennis.
What fun!

Thursday, May 3

2012: week 18


Carly has been asking
{and asking and asking}
when she could go back to SBEC for a visit.
So, I got her there for a
quick lunch visit on Friday.
She didn't tell anyone
so they were all surprised to see her!
Fun Times!