Tuesday, November 23

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Mom & Dad's today {Tuesday},
so the hunters can go to the woods for a few days. Kacey brought us all happies. How cute are they?
Carly and I dressed alike
{since it got so warm, it was literally our coolest outfits} Carly showing Finn the blog on my iPhone.
What do you think she thinks about that technology? Amazing to think what she has seen in her lifetime!
Daddy filling his plate with Thanksgiving goodness
{chicken, dressing, sweet potato casserole, butter peas, cranberry sauce and roll}
Carly and Aunt Donna Sue waiting on everyone to serve themselves.

Thanksgiving Good Mail

{Carly mailed postcards from MamMam's post office.}

Sunday, November 21

just like Peter Cottontail

Picking lettuce out of celeste's lettuce patch!

good morning sunshine

[Carly enjoying D's world famous pancakes] .
Slept late. Woke to beautiful sunshine coming in the window, sounds of kids playing downstairs, and smells of bacon frying.

Saturday, November 20

Happy Thanksgiving

Celeste is putting the finishing touches on wise thanksgiving dinner. Chin-chin

Watch out

These will be mine. All mine. So watch out if you try to get one, you could draw back a nub!

Thanksgiving week

I love Thanksgiving week. We start at the lake house with kenny's family and then move on to my family. I will be sad when I don't think I can take Carly out of school on Monday and Tuesday anymore. It is a wonderful long break without any pressures of time (there is no choice but to leave the to-do list behind). Of course, I don't have to cook or take care of visitors. In fact, right now I'm hanging out on the porch swing enjoying a beautiful day and reading my book.

Friday, November 19

basketball season is here

A couple of weeks ago, Carly tried-out and made her school's 5th grade basketball team. They have been practicing 3 times a week from 7:30-9:00 (how crazy is that?) and today they scrimmaged the 6th grade team. It was a little rocky but it was good for them to shake the jitters. Their first game is the Monday after Thanksgiving. They will be playing other schools in our conference which will mean some traveling to away games. Plenty more to come from the basketball court!

Thursday, November 18

Game * Set * Love

This past weekend, Carly played in her first USTA tournament. I can't imagine in our area there is a better place to play than the indoor clay courts at Tunica. Added bonus that when it is cold, windy, and rainy on Saturday, I was sitting inside watching a little tennis!
Because Ms MM had a birthday, her and Carly were not in the same bracket. Carly was in the 10 and under and Ms MM was in the 12 and under. Carly played at 4:00 on Friday and Maggie didn't play until 8:00. So they got to spend a lot of time together in between. Carly lost her first match in a third set tie-breaker 1-6, 6-4, and 0-1(8-11). The first set was tough. Carly looked like she was scared to death or that she might throw up any minute. She played a lot better in the 2nd set but just couldn't hold on in the tie breaker! Saturday, Carly had enough of our {constructive} criticism, so
Kenny made her a sign cheering her on. Saturday, we had to wait on the results of a morning match to know who and when we were playing. So, Carly didn't start playing until 5:00. 5:00 didn't seem too late until after Carly finished the 3 hour marathon match! Carly won the match 6-7 (3-7), 7-6 (7-4), 1-0 (10-8). Yes, that is 3 tie-breakers! Sunday morning, we were back for Carly to play in the finals of the consolation bracket. She won that match with ease and ended up with a trophy for winning the consolation bracket. Carly's excited that now when she is registered for another USTA tournament, you will be able to click on her name and there will be some tournament history. {When we opened the brackets for this tournament, she was the only player registered that did not have a tournament history}

Tuesday, November 9

totally wicked

Thanks guys for an awesome birthday present.
{wow at those seats!!}
It was well worth the wait.
I loved it!

Monday, November 8


{the 80's girl} {2 sleepover girls and a cowgirl} {the whole motley crew} {the skeleton ride was back}
{peace out}
{trick or treat}