Friday, December 31

Santa Rocks....again!

Santa placed the presents in a different spot and Carly thought Santa didn't come! I told her it was because she forgot to put out cookies.
Sofie got a rawhide bone from Santa
(I'm not sure Santa accurately checked the naughty list).
But it certainly made her happy.

I think Carly really liked her pj's and robe that she opened on Christmas Eve. Her old robe would have made a great film prop - it was perfectly worn and tattered - right down to sleeves that hit her just below the elbow!

Love ya Sweetie.
Looking very festivous in red!
Kenny got AppleTV which skeptically we hooked up and
were slightly amazed how easy it was- No phone tech support required!
Carly reading her clues from her countdown box #25.
It looks like it was dark outside but it was just cloudy with snow flurries.
In Carly's words "this is my 'I'm excited' look"
when she opened her ipod Touch and iTunes Giftcard.
Merry Christmas #2 - as Carly was calling it.

Thursday, December 30

a lake house christmas

We had our traditional Lake House Christmas the weekend before Christmas.
It is a great way to kick off Christmas week.
I fell down a little on picture taking this season. Not sure what happened.
No matter, this is one of my favorites of the season.

Aren't they sweet?

Carly got a 2011 World Records book.

Amid the Christmas chaos, I caught her numerous times just like this - wrapped up in it.

Nonna having baby time.
John Camp opening more Star Wars toys-
when this kid likes something, he REALLY likes it!

Doug (looking a lot like Carly) enjoying his photography book.

Kenny with his new antler handle grill tool and apple wood chips.

Lib modeling her new scarf.
Nona gave Carly one of her BIG wishes - a Vera Bradley duffel bag.
She was really excited to see that green box!
A couple days later, she was even more excited to pack her new duffel
for a sleep over at a friend's house!

Friday, December 24

day decorating

day 23....or should I title it house eating?
since more decorations are consumed than used for decorations!

Wednesday, December 22

day 22....friends

day 23....celebrating with friends
nothing like a last minute evening with friends
Carly had just opened her gifts from her friends -
that super cute head band and the "love" tile necklace.
Dinner was good but it turned out to be a bad fire pit night {too much wind}.
Love that Ginny and I gave each other Mississippi shaped pottery pieces.

Tuesday, December 21

day 21...never say never

day breakfast at Starbucks
yep, I did it.
This non-coffee drinker, non-lover of coffee smells took her daughter to Starbucks.
why? because according to her they have THE BEST carmel spiced apple cider.
The blueberry scone must have been tasty too.

Saturday, December 11


Carly chose chorus as her fine arts elective this year.
She had her Christmas concert this week.
(squeeze that into this crazy holiday season!)
They had ordered dresses and tuxes to wear during performances this year,
but they did not all come in on time.
(insert lots of frustration here, especially since I already had Carly's dress altered)
So, the day before the decision was made for them to wear Christmas attire.
(thankful that we had Christmas attire to wear!)
The concert was a combination of 5th/6th grade, jr. high, and high school choruses.
Carly looked nervous but said she had a good time.

Saturday, December 4

game 2...first lost was a close one