Wednesday, June 27



Around here, the temperature has felt like summer for months. School is out. We had a wonderful trip to the beach. There have been many days of swimming. The sun doesn't set til 8:30. Which all make a pretty good case for summer. When I got home from work today, I walked around back and checked on the garden. Right there in our tiny garden was THE sure sign of summer.

Saturday, June 23


Carly and I were on our weekly grocery shopping expedition. I was trying to shop around the perimeter of the store - you know, fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, whole wheat bread, etc, etc. I veered off that course to pick up a couple of frozen lunches when what should my wondering eyes see but a flash back to childhood - Pudding Pops!! I didn't know that they made these anymore. I just had to have them. I did check out the nutritional values on the side although I don't know how bad it would have had to have been for me to leave them in the freezer section. Carly and I broke them open when we got the groceries put away. She was a good sport and tried vanilla (Carly doesn't eat chocolate pudding and doesn't really care much for vanilla pudding - I know, sometimes I think she is someone else's child). I, naturally, had chocolate. They tasted just like I remember. Yum!

Big Sis

Gabby Girl enjoying being outside.
Gabby was fair game since Carly in shunning the camera :)

Wednesday, June 20

I just can't stop myself.....

from taking more
and more
and more
there must be something wrong with me!

Tuesday, June 19

Ft. Morgan

Fort Morgan, Alabama was our beach destination. It is a beautiful place and pleasantly quiet even in the middle of the tourist season. There are lots of beach houses and few condominiums. There were a couple of restaurants, a couple of gas stations, and a snow cone stand called Dave's World Famous Hot Dogs (yes there is an inside joke there, which will probably not translate well in writing)
Two miles west, where the road ends, is the actual fort. We took an afternoon to explore. I was prepared to blog about our adventure before I checked my sister's blog - Kacey - and decided she did it more justice.
I was more excited about these pictures I took of Carly sitting in one of the door openings in the fort -love the light.


You must check out LuLu's (owned by Lucy Buffet - Jimmy Buffet's sister) if you make it to the Gulf Shores, Alabama area. You might want to plan ahead. The wait can be pretty dramatic and there are no reservations but it is a really fun place.
A couple of years ago, pre-Hurricane Rita, LuLu's was located between Fairhope and Foley. It was a "dive" in the best sense of the word, but since rebuilding in Gulf Shores, LuLu's has a very swanky establishment. It still has the feeling you are eating on someone's patio overlooking the marina, but now it feels like the someone has a fancy vacation home rather than a tiny cabin on the lake.

Girls' Trip 2007

Just returned from the beach -
white sand, rolling waves and beautiful sunsets.

Thursday, June 7

Girls' Trip

It has been a few years since our annual girls' trip has taken us to the beach. We are all very excited about getting out of town and taking it easy on the beach. There is nothing like being a beach bum!

Sunday, June 3

Twinkle Toes

I don't have much experience with dance recitals. Mom says I was in one and I vaguely remember my sister in a couple. Last night was Carly's debut. I think I might have gotten my first dose of stage moms. I have seen soccer moms and school moms and even sports dads but this was a whole new playing field. Carly just basked in the lime light. Costumes, makeup, fingernail polish and the center of attention, what was there for her not to love? She even asked me to take her picture - a couple of times! I had to just step back and take in all that was happening around me. There was talk of hair dressers and some one to help with makeup and I even heard one mom talk about someone altering the costume. Kenny told me he observed a few husband & wife spats which he attributed to some really high strung moms. And I have to clarify this is not a dance company that is a staging for professional dancers, these are just cute kids that are all dolled up and having lots of fun. Well except for that little one who WAS NOT going to dance with that stick pony :) She is precious if I do say so out stage moms, Carly's mom is in the house :)


As Carly's school year winded down, they held Honor's Day. It was an intimate program with Carly and her classmates. Carly got a medal for placing 2nd in her class in the Accelerated Reading program. She ended the year with 223 points. If you consider that most books on her level are worth 1/2 point, she has read and tested almost 500 books!
Carly's teacher also chose a Christian characteristic for each of the children. It was really sweet to hear stories of strength and character outside their academic accomplishments. Carly's characteristic was ENTHUSIASM. Mrs. Camp talked about how Carly was always excited about whatever they were doing and how she loved experiements and class projects. She was always the first to volunteer and see the bright side of everything.
The certificate that Carly was given described Enthusiasm as "Seeing value in situations that would normally discourage others. Learning what pleases God and showing excitement in serving Him" Colossians 3:23
As hard as we work to read, practice math facts, study spelling word, and memorize bible verses, it is a great reminder of the importance of character in our daily lives.