Friday, April 30

if you're scared you're already beaten

In typical fashion, Carly was a bundle of nerves at the onset of something new. Then we got to the ball field and realized the pitcher on the other team was the one we had been hearing all the talk about. "She is great", "She's the best in the league", " I'd be surprised if anyone hits off her" were some of the things that we had heard. That added a few more butterflies.
Which all added up to a strike out, at her first at bat. I think she might have been holding her breath the whole time she was up to the plate. But by her second bat she had seen a couple of team mates get hits and she had made a good play in the field. It still took 2 strikes + a foul tip before she got a good hit into center field.
Fast pitch softball is a whole new ballgame {pun intended} for us. Previous Springs, Carly has played co-ed coach pitch baseball. So we learned a lot during our first game including, there is a lot of base stealing. The other team tied the ball game {4-4} and they didn't even have a hit. Carly stopped 2 well hit balls and made outs at 1st. She is the only player on her team that had any fielding opportunities.
Carly was giving her friend a pep talk today about a tennis tournament that she is playing in. The friend was telling her that her opponent was really good, and I heard Carly say "if you're scared you're already beaten". I think she got that from her dad.

Friday, April 23

pink palace field trip

First, we saw an IMAX film about cave explorers that was really neat. I think it was my favorite part of the trip. Of course while in the theater all the kids were sitting and quiet, it makes it much easier to enjoy.
Then we went to a science lab, and they did experiments about density, magnetism, and surface tension. They were all very interesting and reminded me what I liked about elementary science. Most of the kids were attentive and seemed to enjoy it.
By the end of the day, there were a couple of kids that I was SO glad were not going home with me! I am very accustomed to having just Carly. Field trips always remind me to be very thankful for my sweet girl with an easy going personality!
After a beautiful lunch outside at picnic tables, there was a scavenger hunt in the museum exhibits. That was probably my least favorite part of the day. But, I think we found most of the answers.

Wednesday, April 21

wordless wednesday :: visitor

{This was going to be wordless until she came in little later, dusting cat hair off and sneezing. Then she told me that the cat made her "snuzzily" - which I think is a combination of snuggley and sneezey?}

Tuesday, April 20

blue ribbon day

Carly rode home from school with 2 of her buddies. They were all ready to jump out and
show off what they, honor roll ribbons! Good work girls, so proud of all of you!
{taken a couple of weeks ago, but lost in the chaos}

Wednesday, April 14

Easter 2010

{I think she finally decided that she liked the dress her mom chose.
It was a hard winner after mom vetoed the dress she really wanted}
{Carly busted her lip on Saturday.
The swelling was gone but she still has a nice bruise on her lip.} {the princess and her daddy}
{seriously not a good photo of any of us, but we are all in the same shot}

wordless wednesday :: daffodil

Monday, April 12

the {stupid} bunny did come

About this time last year is when Carly found the final evidence that proved in her words "that there was no stupid bunny". But considering the stupid bunny visits everyone at mom & dad's, it is no big surprise that the fun didn't stop with Carly's new revelation.
The stupid bunny filled all our baskets including Carly's with lots of fun goodies.
Mine had a super cute "heart of the delta" necklace, monogrammed makeup bag, money for flowers to plant in my front door planters, new gardening gloves, an iTunes gift card, cute spring napkins, fun paperclips and pens, and like always necessities of shaving gel, razors, and a toothbrush!
I have the smallest Easter basket of the whole crew and it is looking a little pitiful these days. Someone made the comment that it was not too bad to have made it through 37 Easters. That is when my mom volunteered that it might have been through a few more since it was "vintage" when she bought it for me!
Even though it was sprinkling,
Carly went outside to find the eggs that the "stupid" bunny had hidden.
In the past, before the gig was up, Carly was allowed to tear into her Easter basket when she woke up, but we made her wait with the rest of us until after church. Carly's basket was loaded as usual. The "stupid" bunny must not have taken offense. She had a couple new spring shirts, a swimsuit, pj's, and a tennis shirt. There was a new book and Doodlebug stickers. A bouncy ball, "sweet" soap, melty art, new peace ear buds, and some junkie candy that only the Easter bunny and Santa Claus get away with buying!

Sunday, April 11

to dye or not to dye

We still dye eggs at mom's house when we are there for Easter. Yes the bunny still hides them Easter morning and yes we still take them for a small after church egg hunt, but it is more like an art activity. This year it involved dye, a wax crayon and rubber bands.
A dozen never seems like enough!

Thursday, April 8

basketball....the end

Next to last game, Carly scored several baskets mostly off offensive rebounds.
{photo caption...I managed to cut the ball out of the photo, so you have to use your imagination to see that Carly rebounded, put it back up, and scored. Trust me, that's what happened}
Nonna came up to catch a game and sit in Carly's fan session. Trophies after the last game. It was a good season. I love how the girls improve after only a few games. One last "go team"!

Tuesday, April 6

dear jan,

I miss you. I know God has a plan {you more than anyone taught me that}. He made our paths cross in the summer of 2007. Then he watched while our friendship grew. He smiled while our girls became best friends. He even laughed when our husbands developed an unlikely friendship.
It is hard to believe I only knew you for 3 years. I feel like you have been in my life forever. You have taught me so much. You taught me what it was like to love a friend. I am so thankful that we had the time we had. I only wish our paths had crossed sooner.
You taught me about grace, courage and strength. You taught me about selflessness and gratefulness. During our whole friendship, you were battling cancer. Again, you would tell me, that was God's plan. And again I would tell you that I know, but right now I think God's plan stinks. And you would remind me to have faith.
Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for touching my life and my heart. Thank you for modeling for my daughter what a truly beautiful person looks like. Thank you for making me laugh and love. Thank you for teaching me about faith and hope. Thank you for teaching me to rejoice in everyday. Thank you for preparing me for this time when you finished your race.
I know you are at peace. You fought the fight and lived God's plan.
I love you Jan.