Friday, January 11

better late than never

I have been thinking about "my word" for weeks.
And for the last few months I have been "lurking" around Lelly's weekly SPT challenge. So last week when I saw this challenge I was ready to jump in. But, as usual the week got away from me and here we are and it is Friday and time for the next week's challenge.
I thought about just letting it go.
But, I have my word and am excited about it.
I am excited about starting a new year and for the new things to come.
I am excited about plans that we have already made and for the unplanned. So, I decided to post about my word-for-the-year.
As they say, better late than never.

I chose.....

as in

know who I need in my life

know what I need in my life

know what/who to let go of

know what/who I am thankful for

know what is within my control & maybe more important what's not

know what choices to make to be healthy

know what choices to make to be happy

know my strengths & use them

know my weaknesses & strive to improve them


"if you don't know where you are going
every road will get you nowhere"
Henry A. Kissinger


Natasha said...

Great word for 2008. I am still struggling to choose a word, I never did pick one for 2007.

What's this I read on Jill's blog about you going to Italy?! We must know more - what a huge trip. I would be so excited and hey, that definitely justifies lists! said...

Good choice!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your word "know"...Boy do I need to learn to use it. Great things to think about in 2008.
Love, Mama

lelly said...

that sounds like a fantastic word choice. i look forward to getting to *know* you better through spt!