Tuesday, January 29

29 january 2013

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
It's Mardi Gras time!
With our move further south, it has become a "bigger deal".
This year we got to ride on the Trustmark float
in Hattiesburg's Mardi Gras parade.
Look at those beads handing in the float!
Can you believe we threw them ALL?
FUN FACT:  The theme of the parade this year was Music
so Trustmark had chosen a 50's theme.
That is Kenny's letterman jacket Carly is wearing!

Tuesday, January 22

22 january 2013

The "Year of 13" celebrations have started.
Carly and I went to Clarksdale
where Celeste showered her
with dinner, cake and presents.
Carly chose spaghetti & meatballs...Yum!
and white birthday cake with icing...Yum!

Tuesday, January 15

15 january 2013

Since basketball season started, I have been planning a trip to
Desoto County, so we could see SBEC's 7th graders play.
What a special trip to see past teammates and dear friends.
The girls played a great game and it was bittersweet to hangout in the stands.
More friends met us after the game to eat dinner and visit.
Although we have really missed everyone,
it felt like we had just been too busy to get together.
The girls had a great time catching up
almost as much as the mom's did!
The one downer about our trip was the Swindoll house
was icky with the flu so we had to stay away.
Caroline did get to hang out with us at the game and dinner
but we missed everyone else!
Just another good reason to start planning for next time.

Tuesday, January 8

8 january 2013

Carly asked for [and got] some shopping money
from a couple of people for Christmas.
On her list [or maybe, my list] of what she needed
to spend some of her money on were warmup pants.
[Carly was content on wearing shorts all winter]
How difficult could buying sweat pants be?
Ha! Extremely!
[too baggy, too slim, too long, too short, too dark, too light,
elastic at the bottom, no drawstring, "I just don't like them"]
But we finally found an exceptable pair.
Then she preceeded to wear them for the next 3 days
until I made her take them off so I could wash them.

Tuesday, January 1

1 January 2013

The holidays are winding down.
Kenny, Dad, and Carly are spending their
New Year's week in the woods.
They love spending time together
away from the watchful eyes of Mom and MamMam!