Tuesday, January 8

8 january 2013

Carly asked for [and got] some shopping money
from a couple of people for Christmas.
On her list [or maybe, my list] of what she needed
to spend some of her money on were warmup pants.
[Carly was content on wearing shorts all winter]
How difficult could buying sweat pants be?
Ha! Extremely!
[too baggy, too slim, too long, too short, too dark, too light,
elastic at the bottom, no drawstring, "I just don't like them"]
But we finally found an exceptable pair.
Then she preceeded to wear them for the next 3 days
until I made her take them off so I could wash them.

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Natasha said...

I have a VERY hard time finding Luci clothes too. Her formals have been hard to find and I think bathing suit shopping will be the same. She would love to wear jeans and a hoodie every day if I let her.