Tuesday, November 26

26 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving in Clarksdale. 
Family weekend in town with yummy breakfasts, fire in the fireplace,
Bloody Mary's, football, veal parmesan, and pictionary...fun times!

Tuesday, November 19

19 November 2013

Stole this one from Carly's phone camera roll! 
These girls make me smile. 
Okay, they can also make me crazy but mostly they make me smile. 

Tuesday, November 12

12 November 2013





Tuesday, November 5

5 November 2013

Halloween 2013
Carly had 3 neighborhood friends over for burgers.
(and eyeball cake!) 
We all took turns answering the door and handing out candy.

The girls waited until dark to hit a couple of houses for treats
(only little kids trick-or-treat when it is light outside). 

They came into the kitchen in their super hero attire,
we took a couple of pictures,
and off they went to the "donut" house. 
(what else does the owner of the krispie kreme give out...duh mom!)

3 1/2 minutes later.....