Monday, February 28

as the world turns

Science Project ::
Make a model of the earth and dissect it in order to label the interior layers.
Use materials of your choice.
Carly chose a styrofoam ball and felt for the continents.
She wanted to paint the outside and the inside layers,
so we chose spray paint for the outside and acrylic for the inside.
Give Carly a can of spray paint and watch out,
there is no telling what all she might paint!
FYI...some spray paint has acetone in it, and it will melt styrofoam.
Who knew?


Kenny helped her use a hand saw to cut the dowel rod (I left the room so I didn't have to watch) and then to position them on the styrofoam base.


Anyone else know just how big a mess styrofoam makes?


Carly also had a science test today.

I was encouraging her to look over her notes because "you really need to do well".

Carly said "it's okay mom, I'm going to get a 100 on my Earth project"

Nothing like a little confidence!

Sunday, February 27

and it was going so good

Kenny bought Carly a kite last year that we never flew.
It has been hanging out in the garage just waiting for spring winds to come around.
This morning Kenny got up with a plan to go fly a kite.
I had planned to stay inside while they went kite flying.
Then I got the guilt trip that I should join them to take pictures. It was cloudy and windy. Thunderstorms are forecasted for the evening. I made it in time for them to pull it down and add more string.
I was able to get some good shots in between silly faces.
The kite was really soaring now
right before it took a nose dive into a tree.
I think I might have brought bad luck.
Not only did we lose the kite to a tree,
It started pouring down rain on the way back to the house!
How pitiful is this?

Saturday, February 26

getting ready

Just when you finish one sport, it is time to start the next.
Softball tryouts are next week, so Kenny took Carly to the batting cage to knock the rust off!

Monday, February 21

it was a good season

Carly's 5th grade basketball season has come to a close.
Previously Carly has played on intramural teams at her school.
The teams were made up of friends and classmates, there was no focus on winning, and everyone got equal playing time.
This was a whole new experience for all of us
including tryouts & traveling to other schools.
The team ended the season with a record of 11-5,
and won 2nd place in the end of year tournament.
Saturday, they had their end-of-season party.
Coach Stephen did a nice job of talking about the year,
telling funny stories, and focusing on the positive of each girl.
I think it was great for each of them to not only hear nice things about themselves
but also about their teammates.
Coach Stephen told a story during Carly's time.
One day after a tough practice, he told Carly that he wanted to make a deal with her.
He would not yell at his daughter anymore & Kenny would not yell at her anymore.
From then on, he would yell at her and Kenny could yell at his daughter.
(noting that parents are always harder on their own children)
Later, after he had yelled at his daughter. He called Carly back over and told her
"no deal" that it just wasn't going to work.

Sunday, February 20

woody's big day

Sunday, we made the trip to Jackson for sweet Woody's baptism.
We joined Woody and the rest of the family at their church for the baptism
and lunch afterward at the Craig's.
Although it is mid-February, the weather was absolutely perfect.
It felt like spring which gave us the perfect day to enjoy the sun porch.
Woody's happy family
Don't you just love Christening gowns?
The table was beautiful with sweet baby silver.
Here is my seat right in front of this cute silver piggy bank.
Carly with her cousins - JC and sweet baby Woody.
Carly couldn't get enough.
How perfectly southern.....antique dining room table set with fine china,
heirloom silver, beautiful linens, monogrammed silver goblets, and floral center piece of hydrangeas, roses, snapdragons, and one mystery flower that is still unidentified.
Well, I've never been to lunch following a baby christening
anywhere but in the South, so I don't have anything to compare it to.
Don't you just love hydrangeas?
Nonna with her 3 grandbabies.
I liked this one of her looking down at them.
Nonna with sweet Woody.
Yum! The cake was fabulous-
almond with cream cheese icing.
Woody hung in there for lots of picture taking but he was about done!
Don't you just love baby toes?
And look at my sweet baby,
she is about 6 inches, okay more like 4, from being taller than I am!

Saturday, February 19

Friday, February 18

Five Minute Friday


February. To be more exact February 1st through the 18th. Crazy. It is almost, or possibly more, crazy than Christmas time.
It starts with Carly's birthday on the 1st and ends with Kenny's birthday on the 18th. Throw in Valentine's Day, a Super Bowl Party and Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, add the end of basketball season including a party, a wedding shower, and our nephew's Christening. I never do justice to all of them.
Do you ever get through something and think that you just didn't do enough? That it wasn't even your day but it felt anticlimactic. I'm sure I set myself up for some of that because I think all the little things are essential. Maybe that is because I like the little things.
So here we are on the 18th, we had the requested birthday donuts, breakfast together, cards, and a gift already this morning. But now I have a meal to plan, oh and that "from scratch" cake that my husband asked for.
. what about a present for the wedding shower, and something to wear to a Christening (in February but with spring like weather), what to do about a thank you for the basketball coach, and do you think that teachers will feel slighted if they get teacher appreciation happies on the Monday after teacher appreciation week?

Thursday, February 17

Tuesday, February 15

B My Valentine

Mmmm...chocolate covered strawberries for Vday breakfast.
Kenny's valentine happie for us.
The huge strawberries still had a long stem which Carly held
and ate much like a big turkey leg.
Kenny and I loaded Letter's to Juliet on her iTouch.
She's loving it right now. I liked it because I have been to Verona.
It's fun to see places you have visited in movies.
Valentine's weekend was full of basketball.
So even though these pictures were taken over 3 days,
Carly has her uniform on, so it looks like they were all the same day.
Valentines means lots of good mail.
Valentine's goodies...
candy, stuffed animal, super soft heart pj pants and lots of cards.
Red and white ice cream sundaes at school.
There was vanilla ice cream, strawberries, mini marshmallows,
2 kinds of M&M's, whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries.
It is fun to see the kids and there preferences.
Last year, half of the class didn't want whipped cream
but this year we went through both cans.
The fresh strawberries were popular but not the cherries.
Happy Valentine's Day.
What do you do at your house?

Friday, February 11

Five Minute Friday

I wasn't going to talk about snow, but then I realized that I didn't have much else to talk about since it has been snow that has dominated our lives this week. I live in Mississippi for Pete's sake. I'm tired of this white stuff.
Wednesday, we left for school and work knowing that it was coming and school was closing at 11:45. Kenny picked up Carly and I worked to 12:00 in Memphis. I started south and 1/2 way home it went from flurries to the road being covered. What?!?
It took me an hour to drive the second half of the commute which would have taken 15 minutes any other day. During that hour I saw 9 wrecks. One of them involved 8 vehicles. And there were still people acting like idiots!
So Thursday, Carly went across the neighborhood to play with friends because snow is not much fun by yourself. And like I said, I'm SO done (not that I'm a good snow playmate to begin with). They threw snowballs and sledded and got wet and cold.
School was back open today. THANK YOU!! The sun is shining and hopefully we are done with the white stuff this year. Dear God, I'm so OVER it!! Send it to Arizona, they would probably like a snow day! Thank you, Kim Sue.

Friday, February 4

Five minute Friday

Carly's birthday was this week. She has been celebrating since last Friday. First there was a visit by MamMam and Aunt Kacey with lunch at Fox and Hound and AnnOlivia cupcakes. Then Nonna and D came for Sunday lunch at La Siesta.
Tuesday was the actual day. She had birthday morning with Kenny and I including presents and donuts. I brought lunch to her (she chose Wendy's) and ate with her in the cafeteria (a true act of love) . She chose sub sandwiches and apple pie for birthday dinner.
Thursday was her birthday afternoon with friends. We ate lunch at Subway. Headed to Tunica for a group tennis lesson. Back to the house for birthday cake and ice cream. Later, I fed them pizza.
Carly has had a fabulous week. I, on the other hand, have gained 5 pounds.

Wednesday, February 2

birthday morning

Carly had a good birthday morning.
She was up early to make sure we had time to straighten her hair
(you know the important stuff.)
Surprisingly, a one shot self portrait. It typically takes multiple times until Carly finally gives in and stops making silly faces. Birthday donuts with the token bowl of fruit, that I hope will get her through the sugar crash that is probably going to happen in the middle of math class.
And, what was up with the hair? A ribbon? Haven't seen one of those in a while!
Kenny and I gave Carly a pair of "tennis" shoes to wear just on the court.
Of course they didn't fit...good grief her foot won't stop growing!
And in the bag?
It was a new tennis bag and racquet. She is ready for her birthday lesson with friends on Thursday. Happy 11th Birthday sweet girl!