Friday, February 18

Five Minute Friday


February. To be more exact February 1st through the 18th. Crazy. It is almost, or possibly more, crazy than Christmas time.
It starts with Carly's birthday on the 1st and ends with Kenny's birthday on the 18th. Throw in Valentine's Day, a Super Bowl Party and Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, add the end of basketball season including a party, a wedding shower, and our nephew's Christening. I never do justice to all of them.
Do you ever get through something and think that you just didn't do enough? That it wasn't even your day but it felt anticlimactic. I'm sure I set myself up for some of that because I think all the little things are essential. Maybe that is because I like the little things.
So here we are on the 18th, we had the requested birthday donuts, breakfast together, cards, and a gift already this morning. But now I have a meal to plan, oh and that "from scratch" cake that my husband asked for.
. what about a present for the wedding shower, and something to wear to a Christening (in February but with spring like weather), what to do about a thank you for the basketball coach, and do you think that teachers will feel slighted if they get teacher appreciation happies on the Monday after teacher appreciation week?


lelly said...


i, too, appreciate the little things. i have to work very hard at "being okay" with less attention to the details.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

don't forget the teachers for goodness sake.. they DESERVE it!!