Monday, January 31

driving her nuts

one large brown paper bag
that suddenly appeared
sitting all alone in the corner
just taunting the 10 year old
only 1 day away from being 11

Saturday, January 29

holding court

MamMam and Kacey were up for the weekend.
We all missed you G'daddy (especially Kenny!)
A weekend mixed with birthday fun and basketball fun.
Saturday's game, the 3rd this week, was at home against St. Louis.
Throw in a practice and we are one worn out family!
I am the "official" book keeper for home games which explains why there are NO basketball pictures this season. But thanks to Kacey, we got some good ones today.
Playing a little defense.
I've been telling Carly for years that she should play like that is HER ball and someone stole it from her on the playground. I think she is starting to believe it.

By halftime, we were up by 5 and looking like we were ready to be in control. Coach Stephen was trying to get them all on the same page which is a difficult job.


Carly getting good post positioning.


Fouled on the shot and shooting 2.

Getting pointers from Coach Dad.

Good game girls! - final score 25-13.

Not only were MamMam and Aunt Kacey here for the game, but a whole cheering section of friends! We really appreciate all you guys who took your Saturday morning to come and cheer Carly on! What a fantastic final home game.

Monday, January 24

snapshot of life

monday night, january 24, 8:00p.m: finally homework time after basketball practice, a shower and dinner!

Almost forgot how to get through a Monday. Here we are Monday, January 24th and it was Carly's first Monday to go to school since the New Year. They returned to school on Tuesday 4th. She was out for a snow day on the 10th. Then they were out of school for MLK day on the 17th. Which also means that she has not gone 5 days in a row since the new year. Last week she only went 3. Any bets on how this week will go? I'm going to remain positive but am stocking up on chocolate chip cookies. And, don't be surprised if you see me making a late night run to Sonic.

Sunday, January 23

What do you eat? day food. Did you watch any football today?
And more important, did you have a game day menu?
Kenny always has ideas for the menu when it comes to game days.
BBQ nachos, hamburgers, hot wings, quiche..NOT
Last night we had brats with peppers and onions. They are fabulous.
They basically just melt in your mouth.
Kenny cooks it all on the grill which makes it even more delightful.
All I need to do is get out the hoagie rolls, mayo, and spicy mustard. Done.
Even more delightful are the leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow night after basketball practice!

Friday, January 21

Five Minute Friday


It snowed here yesterday afternoon and turned bitterly cold. School was cancelled. We were able to sleep in this morning. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for today. Carly was more than a little aggravated that this was on her snow day. I tried to explain to her that everything was not about her. I'm pretty sure at the age of 10 that she didn't get it.
Earlier this week, Carly and Kenny were getting ready for the first episode of this season's American Idol. There is a new judge. His name is Steven Tyler. Carly didn't know that name. Kenny told her he was the lead singer of Aerosmith. Nothing. So, Kenny began to belt out a few Aerosmith songs. Kenny has just enough singing ability and memory of song lyrics and plenty of confidence and even more extravertedness to pull this off. He sang "Walk this Way", "Sweet Emotion", "Dream On" maybe, and finally he hit pay dirt with "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing". Later Carly told me that Kenny use to sing that to her when he was tucking her in at night. Only Kenny chooses Aerosmith as a lullaby.
The next morning on the way to school was even more amusing. Carly and her friend Miss MM were in the back seat. They talked about a game on Carly's iTouch. They talked about a mutual friend's choice in uniform. They talked about Carly's upcoming birthday. They talked about American Idol. Carly asked Miss MM if she knew who Steven Tyler was. New Judge. Anything else? Nope. So Carly starts to explain to her. Aerosmith. Rock Band. Listened to a song on the iPod. They may not have been ready for the science test but they are definitely up on Steven Tyler.

Thursday, January 20

Monday, January 17

cold toes

This year our zoo put in an ice skating rink for the winter season.
This is a fairly novel activity for our kiddos.
Carly and her class took a field trip after their chapel program. It was the first time to ice skate for most of the kids although you could tell the kids who rollerblade. They had a little advantage.
The ice skating tent was suppose to open at 11:00 but we got there about 10:30 and the girls were determined to see if they would let them in. Surprisingly, they did. So Carly and about 6 friends had the rink to themselves for about 25 minutes.
It took a village to get them in their ice skates but finally they were ready to take off!
I was freezing but obviously ice skating was hard work
because the kids kept taking off clothes.
They had a fabulous time. Although they were tired they did not want to leave after their hour. Even though the ticket we bought was for an hour, there was no system in place to kick people off the ice. I don't know what they did when there was a big crowd?
So, by the time we put our foot down, they had probably skated more like an hour and a half. I couldn't feel my toes anymore!

Sunday, January 16

best little 5th grade Christmas chapel program

Carly has chapel each week at school. Most weeks there is a devotion and singing. Sometimes there is a guest speaker like a missionary. About once a month, a grade is responsible for chapel. This year 5th grade was responsible for December.
They did a Christmas alphabet. They took their letters home and decorated them. Carly painted "donuts". I tried to tell her that most people called them olives but she stuck with donuts. She was "V" for virgin. I can't remember her line. I should have written it down.
They all look mad or bored but I'm going to say those are "reverent" faces
since Mary and Joseph were saying their parts.
Carly told me later that she couldn't wear that shirt anymore if I was going to be taking pictures because not only did it look like she only owned one shirt. It also looked like she only owned one shirt for 2 years since it is notable in last year's Christmas pictures too.
She does make a good point.
MamMam and G'daddy made it for the program.
We decided that not only have they made all of her chapel programs
but that it is always really cold.
Carly and her buddies. Miss MM missed it because she had the flu.

Monday, January 10

sofie's first snow

Probably more fun than the snow are rustling leaves and exploring birds
that are all more visible on a blanket of white snow!

a snowy morning

snow cream made......check

I talked her out of putting yellow food coloring in it!

Sunday, January 9

It's snowing!

It started about 5:00 and it hasn't slowed down.
We found out about 9:00 that school is cancelled tomorrow.
After taking Sofie out one more time to play,
I finally got her in the shower and in the bed by 10:00!
Happy Snow Day!!

Friday, January 7

Five Minute Friday


Kenny laid down the law. Carly has to drink 2 cups of milk a day. 16 ounces. Everyday. Or lose the iPod Touch for a week. Day one. I'll let you know.
Carly is not a milk drinker. Has never been. Not since it came from a bottle. But the older she gets.... Heck, I'm lucky if she was getting ANY calcium. Which is what led to this edict. I told Kenny that I thought I was going to have to start her on a calcium supplement. He thought otherwise.
Do you know how much calcium a young teenage girl is suppose to get DAILY? about 1300 mg. That is A LOT. So, with the new plan she will get about 2/3 of her day's calcium from milk. I will make sure she has other foods that contain calcium for the other 1/3.
I know these options. I promise I have been trying. First there are the obvious choices. Yogurt. Cheese. Calcium fortified orange juice. Then there are the not so obvious ones. Edamame. Spinach. Broccoli. She said a big fat no to Salmon, Almonds, Anchovies, Mustard greens. The child won't even eat pudding!

Monday, January 3

christmas school fun

Carly started the last day of school before Christmas break
caroling on the steps in the lobby with her chorus group.
She's on the far right behind the little girl in the green sweater.
Since they were performing, they were allowed to wear
Christmas attire rather than their uniforms - a pretty good trade off.

It was a fun day to spend with friends. No work in sight!

Although class parties usually wear me out, I really enjoyed this one.
I haven't had many opportunities to be in Carly's classroom this year and
basically they are old enough to take care of themselves (for the most part)!
They all seemed to be having a good time and it went very smoothly.
Even the boys seemed to enjoy making button ornaments.
They made button ornaments, ate lots of brunch party food (donut holes were the obvious winner), and exchanged $10 dollar giftcards. Carly ended up with a Target card.
Merry Christmas girls!!

Sunday, January 2

a silver city christmas

Christmas #3 in Silver City
Carly in the middle of her loot.
Carly with another of her BIG wishes -
Ugg boots from Aunt Kacey.
And a hat from MamMam that was a hit with the crowd.
She also got a new shower curtain (which was at the top of her list), matching bath towels, a cupcake kit, clothes shopping money, a sweater dress, fun jewelry, books-on-tape, books, and her annual zoo membership.
Carly with great grandmother, Finn, and a keepsake handkerchief.
Mom and Dad enjoying us all being together.
stocking time
every year I say that we have gone crazy
and every year stockings get better and better!
After some of the clean up, I came around the corner to find Carly like this -
under the table with her hat and boots on and playing with her iTouch.

Saturday, January 1

It's game day!
Gator Bowl 2011
Mississippi State 52 - Michigan 14
Burgers, Rotel Dip, Slaw
and lots of cowbell ringing!!
What a way to kick off a new year.

happy 2011 cupcakes

I think she has been watching too many Cupcake Wars or Cake Boss.
She made vanilla cake, light blue icing, with edible snowflakes
and lightly topped with blue sprinkles.
Thank you Finn and MamMam for the cupcake kit.
Happy 2011!