Friday, January 7

Five Minute Friday


Kenny laid down the law. Carly has to drink 2 cups of milk a day. 16 ounces. Everyday. Or lose the iPod Touch for a week. Day one. I'll let you know.
Carly is not a milk drinker. Has never been. Not since it came from a bottle. But the older she gets.... Heck, I'm lucky if she was getting ANY calcium. Which is what led to this edict. I told Kenny that I thought I was going to have to start her on a calcium supplement. He thought otherwise.
Do you know how much calcium a young teenage girl is suppose to get DAILY? about 1300 mg. That is A LOT. So, with the new plan she will get about 2/3 of her day's calcium from milk. I will make sure she has other foods that contain calcium for the other 1/3.
I know these options. I promise I have been trying. First there are the obvious choices. Yogurt. Cheese. Calcium fortified orange juice. Then there are the not so obvious ones. Edamame. Spinach. Broccoli. She said a big fat no to Salmon, Almonds, Anchovies, Mustard greens. The child won't even eat pudding!


lelly said...

Wow. I haven't even thought about calcium deficiencies in kids. jack will be a milk drinker for about 2 days, and then i can't give him the stuff, even on cereal! i am not a fan of the "glass of milk" myself, so i easily let it fall off my radar screen.

i really love five minute friday!

Lene said...

Tums. I have 2 kids that have to take them to increase their calcium intake.