Monday, January 3

christmas school fun

Carly started the last day of school before Christmas break
caroling on the steps in the lobby with her chorus group.
She's on the far right behind the little girl in the green sweater.
Since they were performing, they were allowed to wear
Christmas attire rather than their uniforms - a pretty good trade off.

It was a fun day to spend with friends. No work in sight!

Although class parties usually wear me out, I really enjoyed this one.
I haven't had many opportunities to be in Carly's classroom this year and
basically they are old enough to take care of themselves (for the most part)!
They all seemed to be having a good time and it went very smoothly.
Even the boys seemed to enjoy making button ornaments.
They made button ornaments, ate lots of brunch party food (donut holes were the obvious winner), and exchanged $10 dollar giftcards. Carly ended up with a Target card.
Merry Christmas girls!!


Natasha said...

She looks so happy with her friends and so grown up. I think I have mentioned before but I love, love her look with the glasses! She seems like such a well rounded girl too and always enjoying a good time.

Melinda said...

I need to remember that button ornament for next year. I was supposed to go and help with Ash's party but we ended up with our first ever snow day.

patsy said...

What cute girls!
did bff get a haircut? really cute.