Thursday, November 29

2012: week 48

The picture was taken.
The card was chosen.
The order placed.
Address labels were ordered.
Envelopes were addressed.
Notes were written.
Stamps were added.
They were dropped in the mailbox,
and now are on their way to you.
(IF I could find your address
because my Christmas binder
with the address list
is packed in the mini storage 
that is all I have to say about that!)

Thursday, November 22

2012: week 47

Hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving.
We had a week full of family fun.
We went to the Lake House and
then Carly got to spend a few days in Silver City.
We didn't return to Silver City on Thanksgiving Day
because Kenny and I were both sick.
I spent Thanksgiving on the couch with a blanket
watching the parade by myself.
It is the first time that Carly and I have not watched the parade together.
And now that I think about it, it might be the first time
that I haven't watched it in Silver City.
This year seems to be upside down.
I am ready for things to settle down and
return to some mundane normalcy.
I kinda like tradition.

Thursday, November 15

2012: week 46

I started working on Carly's Christmas presents
for the family - the family calendar.
I spent lots of time looking through a years worth of pictures
to find the best ones to choose from.
Sometimes there are too many to choose from
and sometimes there are not enough.
There are always plenty of Carly
(imagine that)
but some of the adults in the family
must hide when they see my camera!
Here is one of my favorites
that somehow didn't make the blog??

Thursday, November 8

2012: Week 45

I had a birthday a few weeks ago.
I told my mom and Celeste that I wanted food for the freezer.
Mom showed up on my birthday with ground deer meat, pecans,
and the most awesome pan of meatloaf and gravy
(my traditional birthday meal).
This week Celeste passed through Hattiesburg.
It was the first time I had seen her since my birthday.
She filled the freezer with
 red sauce, meatballs and homemade ravioli.
What better presents could you ask for?

Thursday, November 1

2012: week 44

Carly showing Nonna one of her new favorite activities
surfing on Pinterest.
There was lots of talk about braided hair,
painted nails, and even some recipes.