Wednesday, December 25

25 December 2013

We had a quiet family Christmas in the middle of the week.
There was a little shopping and a lot of eating.
Santa came and brought a new suitcase and books about Italy
(in anticipation of a possible Spring Break trip).
He also brought clothes, earrings, iTunes GC and a dart board.
Santa left a note to explain that his sled had an accident
and the ping pong table was damaged!
It had to be sent back to Santa's workshop,
but a new one was on the way.
That's ok because,
Christmas afternoon included so much dart playing
that a couple of people woke up with sore arms!

Tuesday, December 17

17 december 2013

Wise Family Christmas included a change in venue.
In order to go to a family wedding in Jackson,
we had Christmas at John and Libba's.
There was food and laughter
and a wedding
and gifts and even some basketball
but most of all family.

Tuesday, December 10

10 december 2013

Before the move, Carly had hosted her
"Girlfriend Christmas Party"
for several years.  Last year following the move
and being displaced in the apartment,
we didn't have a party.  I don't think we officially
called it off, I think life was just so topsy-turvy
that it just didn't happen.
But after high demand (pretty much from Carly)
the party was back on this year.
They ate, they crafted, they swapped ornaments
and they refused to take a serious picture!

Tuesday, December 3

3 december 2013

The tree is up and a couple of presents are wrapped.
Christmas 2013 has kicked off.
The first Christmas in our new house.
Last year, Christmas was spent in the apartment
with all our Christmas decorations in storage.
I'm thankful for those memories including the
Charlie Brown Christmas tree that Kacey let us borrow.
But... I'm glad to have our ornaments hanging, each with special memories attached.
 Carly's nativity scene is set up, each piece dated from the past 13 years.
The countdown box was back with a month full of fun.
The albums full of Christmas cards from family and friends are out.
I think we are ready...
well, that might be a small overstatement!

Tuesday, November 26

26 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving in Clarksdale. 
Family weekend in town with yummy breakfasts, fire in the fireplace,
Bloody Mary's, football, veal parmesan, and times!

Tuesday, November 19

19 November 2013

Stole this one from Carly's phone camera roll! 
These girls make me smile. 
Okay, they can also make me crazy but mostly they make me smile. 

Tuesday, November 12

12 November 2013





Tuesday, November 5

5 November 2013

Halloween 2013
Carly had 3 neighborhood friends over for burgers.
(and eyeball cake!) 
We all took turns answering the door and handing out candy.

The girls waited until dark to hit a couple of houses for treats
(only little kids trick-or-treat when it is light outside). 

They came into the kitchen in their super hero attire,
we took a couple of pictures,
and off they went to the "donut" house. 
(what else does the owner of the krispie kreme give out...duh mom!)

3 1/2 minutes later.....

Tuesday, October 29

29 October 2013

1st basketball game of the season was a good one. It was an 8th grade only game which allowed Carly and her 8th grade teammates to have lots of play time.  It gave them a chance to shake the nerves and have fun! What a great way to start the season!

Shaking my head....  Look at their surroundings!  I'm pretty sure a tsunami has come through. No wonder an extra pair of uniform shorts came home with us. It will be a miracle if we make it through the season with all our stuff. 

Tuesday, October 22

22 October 2013

We had a quiet weekend just the 3 of us in the woods. 
Kenny took his bow up a tree but didn't have any luck. 
We hung out by the fire pit, played games, watched some football, 
cooked out, looked at magazines, rode the 4-wheeler, took photos, and
watched Sophie run and run and run! 
I need an escape occasionally when you are just forced to slow down! 

Tuesday, October 15

15 October 2013

Wrap it in blue and black
(doesn't sound as good as maroon and white)
...homecoming 2013 is in the books. 
What was the best thing? 
Making memories with friends! 

{Ame, Lucy, Olivia, Anna Grace, and Carly}

Tuesday, October 8

8 October 2013

Another 1st...1st dance!
Dress shopping...yes
Manicure with a friend...yes
Pre-dance photos with friends...yes
Post-dance sleepover with friends...yes
Actual dance...not so much 

Tuesday, October 1

1 October 2013

Might as well spend all of October talking about Homecoming.
It felt like it consumed the whole month! 
A week of dress up days with Carly's mission to wear her Chacos everyday! 
Mission accomplished.  
'Merica Monday

Nerd Day

Decade Day

Minion for Character Day

Tuesday, April 2

2 april 2013

Happy {rainy, cold} Easter!
Editor's note:  Carly is wearing wedges, and I am wearing flats.
Note to self:  Heels

Tuesday, March 26

26 march 2013

First match on PCHS tennis team.
Playing 2nd court ladies singles.
Won the first match 6-2, 6-2.

Tuesday, March 19

19 March 2013


And, off we went on an adventure...
Carly just said,  "mom" and rolled her eyes.
She loves it when I use the word "adventure".

We spend the weekend in Ocean Springs
enjoying a little get-a-way
while Carly played in a little tennis tournament.

We explored and ate, laughed and ate,
played tennis and ate, took a walk on the beach and ate,
and, well you get the idea.

Carly won the consolation bracket,
and with a new friend that she met this weekend,
won the doubles bracket!

Tuesday, March 12

12 march 2013


One day we are going to look back and be amazed
at how many pictures there are of Carly growing up.
I wish I had more documentation of my everyday life growing up.
But, then we are going to get to age 12
and all there are going to be are deuces and duck faces!

Tuesday, March 5

5 March 2013

Carly went to a birthday sleepover --
in a hotel at the beach.
That's a new one for us.

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Tuesday, February 26

26 february 2013

Before we move in to our new home,
there is lots to do, to make it our own.
The kitchen is getting a complete overhaul
including counter tops, floors, appliances, AND
a large opening from the kitchen looking into the living area.
The demolition has begun!

Tuesday, February 19

19 february 2013

We are home owners again.
We closed on our new house Friday.
I'm excited.  I'm scared.
I kind of liked being debt free for a few months.
But, we are ready.
Ready to put down roots and feel at home.
Ready to have a yard for Sofie to run around in.
Ready to have the grill and to cook out on our new patio.
Ready to get all our belongings out of storage.
Ready for Carly to have friends as neighbors.
Ready to have people over.
Ready to have room to spread out.
Yep, we are ready!

Tuesday, February 12

12 february 2013

Sunday afternoon, we ended up in the closet a couple of times
because of a line of storms that was moving across the area.
Taking cover for storms is nothing new.
Over the years, I feel like we have perfected the process.
Everyone has their shoes on.  Purse is close by.
Phone in hand.  T.V. news on.  Weather radio going off.
Pillows and blankets fill the space.
Kenny is outside looking at the sky.
During the third trip to the closet,
Kenny comes dashing in the closet saying
"It's close. I heard it"
From the apartment balcony, Kenny had seen and heard it move by.
  I'm glad I didn't see the videos until later.
We hunkered down and listened as it moved by.
Before we even got out of the closet, people were posting on facebook
and obviously we were on the news because the phone started ringing.
The path of destruction is unbelievable.
It is also completely amazing that no one died.
I don't know how.
There are stories.  Stories from people you know.
Stories from families at church.
Stories of people from work.
It was too close.

Tuesday, February 5

5 february 2013

Happy 13th Birthday!
The official teenage years have started.
We had King Cake for breakfast birthday morning
since Carly was celebrating during the Mardi Gras season,
and she chose Mugshots for dinner.
{Carly ordered fried cheese, a cheeseburger,
and french fries that she dips in Ranch dressing}
Carly wanted her tennis racquets restrung for her birthday
and if she can EVER make up her mind,
she will get a new bedspread/linens for her bed.

Tuesday, January 29

29 january 2013

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?"
It's Mardi Gras time!
With our move further south, it has become a "bigger deal".
This year we got to ride on the Trustmark float
in Hattiesburg's Mardi Gras parade.
Look at those beads handing in the float!
Can you believe we threw them ALL?
FUN FACT:  The theme of the parade this year was Music
so Trustmark had chosen a 50's theme.
That is Kenny's letterman jacket Carly is wearing!

Tuesday, January 22

22 january 2013

The "Year of 13" celebrations have started.
Carly and I went to Clarksdale
where Celeste showered her
with dinner, cake and presents.
Carly chose spaghetti & meatballs...Yum!
and white birthday cake with icing...Yum!

Tuesday, January 15

15 january 2013

Since basketball season started, I have been planning a trip to
Desoto County, so we could see SBEC's 7th graders play.
What a special trip to see past teammates and dear friends.
The girls played a great game and it was bittersweet to hangout in the stands.
More friends met us after the game to eat dinner and visit.
Although we have really missed everyone,
it felt like we had just been too busy to get together.
The girls had a great time catching up
almost as much as the mom's did!
The one downer about our trip was the Swindoll house
was icky with the flu so we had to stay away.
Caroline did get to hang out with us at the game and dinner
but we missed everyone else!
Just another good reason to start planning for next time.

Tuesday, January 8

8 january 2013

Carly asked for [and got] some shopping money
from a couple of people for Christmas.
On her list [or maybe, my list] of what she needed
to spend some of her money on were warmup pants.
[Carly was content on wearing shorts all winter]
How difficult could buying sweat pants be?
Ha! Extremely!
[too baggy, too slim, too long, too short, too dark, too light,
elastic at the bottom, no drawstring, "I just don't like them"]
But we finally found an exceptable pair.
Then she preceeded to wear them for the next 3 days
until I made her take them off so I could wash them.

Tuesday, January 1

1 January 2013

The holidays are winding down.
Kenny, Dad, and Carly are spending their
New Year's week in the woods.
They love spending time together
away from the watchful eyes of Mom and MamMam!