Saturday, February 25

cooking with celeste

A couple weeks ago,
Celeste came and spent a couple of days with us.
Her and Carly made a apple crisp dessert.
Just thinking about it makes me want to
go to the grocery to buy the ingredients.
The main event was making Celeste's meatballs.
I took a picture of them raw because rather than exact measurements
Celeste said they were suppose to look and feel like this.
Crack the oven door and the house smelled heavenly.

Thursday, February 23

2012 = week 8

Carly and I made a trip to Hattiesburg for a long weekend
and to celebrate Kenny's birthday with him.
He bought his own cake from a bakery in Hattiesburg.
It was yummy and really pretty too.
We had a great few days.
We watched some PCS basketball,
went to a rodeo, cooked some yummy meals,
did some shopping, looked at apartments,
took Sofie to meet her new vet,
and registered Carly for school.
And this is the only photo I took all weekend!

Thursday, February 16

2012 = week 7

I didn't feel too well during week 7.
Thankful that I could go to the doctor and get an antibiotic.
Also thankful for tylenol, soft tissues, cough syrup,
cough drops and throat spray.

Saturday, February 11

basketball photo montage

{5th & 6th grade basketball pep rally} {half time talk during the championship} {Carly shutting out #53 - her defensive goal for the night} {st Frances game #2} {strategy and prayer} {saint louis game #2} {harding game #2} {pep talk from Coach Stephen after excellent play in Harding game} {way to go #31} {Great season girls! 12 & 3! Winner of the Championship Tournament!}

Thursday, February 9

2012 = week 6

This was the final week of the 2012 basketball season.
The tournament started on Monday at Saint Louis Catholic School.
Monday, we beat Grace St. Luke.
Tuesday, we beat Immaculate Conception.
and tonight, we beat Saint Francis for the 6th grade championship!!
Carly had her 3 best games of the season!
I told her that it was definitely the time to have them.
She got aggressive - scoring, rebounding, blocking shots, getting steals
and playing awesome defense.
Way to go Carly!!
I am tired but had so much fun.
I love those girls.

Tuesday, February 7

teaching her young

Without company and without Kenny,
I thought Carly and I might need something
to keep Carly and I interested in the Super Bowl game.
So I made us a score grid,
called Kenny, and we all picked out squares.
I didn't want actual prizes or money.
So, I made a list of "prizes" that mostly
allowed the winner to make choices. Choice of activity, choice of chore,
and choice of menu.
Turns out the best prize was
me winning complete control of the car radio for the week.
Carly really did not like giving up control of the music.
80's music all week!

Thursday, February 2

2012 = week 5

Carly turned 12 this week.
She got a week worth of birthday mail.
She got a week worth of birthday emails.
She got more gifts.
She had more cupcakes.
I covered her doorway in crepe paper.
She had homemade mac and cheese for birthday dinner.
She announced that she felt like a super star.