Sunday, May 30



time away

sun sand shore

relax chill veg laze

time to return

back home


Saturday, May 15

almost 5th graders

Can't believe that the year is almost over! It feels like it just got started.
Yesterday, they had a swimming party at a classmates house to celebrate 4th grade. There was party food - pizza, cheese puffs, watermelon, and ice cream sandwiches. But mostly they played hard for 4 hours. And, amazingly, they got along. They were all smiling big, giggling, laughing, and playing with each other.
We were worried about the weather. Most of the week we had been discussing the need to reschedule or finding an inside option. The morning was cloudy but the chance of rain had gone down. Then we got to the pool and the sun came out and we had a glorious day. Sadly, {because of crazy scheduling, that nobody asked me about} they have to go back to school next week. I feel sorry for the teacher. I wouldn't want them for a whole week after they have already had their "end-of-year" party. But it was a great day to enjoy friends and get ready for summer!

Wednesday, May 12

have you seen a neener today?

For years, Carly and her Dad have played "slugbug".
Then they started playing "neener"
which are yellow vehicles
{minus buses, caterpillar equipment, and
other rules they have made up along the way that I can not keep up with}.
In the last couple of days, they decided that taking a picture and texting,
gets around the rule that they have to be together to claim one.
So now, instead of sweet notes from my husband on my phone,
I get quick glimpses of neeners! And Carly's big score for today, a photo of with 2 neeners in it!

Monday, May 10

game, set, match

{Carly & Miss MM at the tennis party on the last day of spring tennis.
The shirts say "GAME, SET, time I'll have to charge you for a private lesson"
Just looking forward to summer tennis to start!}

Sunday, May 9

.....and boogie with you

{Uncle Kenny helping JC put on his monkey suit.}
Last weekend, we made a trip to Jackson to attend Uncle Woody's wedding {Aunt Libba's brother} and spend the night with Uncle Beege, Aunt Libba and JC.
It was a quick trip but it was good to see everyone.
{We snagged a picture with JC all dressed in his tails} {The wedding was at 7:00 and the reception started at 8:00, so by the time the band started we had some worn out kiddos - Carly, JC, and cousin SD} {But that didn't stop Kenny from talking Carly into a dance or two}
{She started out unsure but after a couple dances,
she had shucked her shoes and was having a good time.}
{When I see these pictures, all I can think about is Carly at about 2 years.
She got her first music CD, KC & the Sunshine Band.
She loved to dance and sing
"gotta put on, my my, my boogie shoes and boogie with you."}

Saturday, May 8

rolling on the river

Loaded up on the Island Queen riverboat for a ride on the Mississippi River.

Carly enjoying the ride and Miss MM worried about us either hitting the bridge and sinking, sinking and getting eaten by the 110 pound catfish, or sinking and getting attacked by the bullshark, or maybe just sinking.

I was wishing I had brought more than my little point and shoot camera. It's grainy, washed out and we're windblown but at least documentation that I was there. Carly and her two friends Miss MM and Miss C at Mud Island with the 240 bridge in the background. We kidnapped Miss MM for the day from her class so she she could spend the day with us. We should have swiped her a red shirt too!
Walking the entire length of the Mississippi River {well just the model}
from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.