Thursday, December 27

2012: week 52

The story of Santa as the hero, again.
Several years ago, Carly got something from Santa-
I can't remember what it was now.
When she opened it,
she said,
"I KNOW this is from Santa,
because mama would NEVER
buy me this".
This year "Santa" brought a phone.
It might be the best purchase ever
or possibly the worst -
a little time will tell.

Thursday, December 20

2012: week 51

We had a good Christmas at the Lake House.
The whole crew was there.
We took a good group picture but
what fun is that.
So here is the "be silly" one.

Thursday, December 13

2012: week 50

MamMam and G'Daddy got to come to Hattiesburg
and see 2 more basketball games.
Carly had a couple of good games.
I think they are starting to play together better
and they won their first game.

Thursday, December 6

2012: week 49

Basketball season started.
Carly played her first game on Saturday.
She is #31 again.
Sports have really helped Carly settle into school.
Teammates make good friends.
Basketball teammates were some of her best friends at SBEC
and I can see that happening again at PCS.
It will just take time.