Thursday, March 29

2012 = week 13

This week starts the first week of our new adventure.
We are moved in {at least enough to sleep here!}
and Carly started her new school.
We are all excited about being back together.

Thursday, March 22

2012 = week 12

Carly and I spent our last week in Hernando.
It was so full that it was a blur.
Carly had her last week of school
and I worked my last week.
We had dinner out every night with friends.
Carly got to play her only match with her SBEC tennis team.
She won her singles match, her doubles match,
and her team won.
It was a great week!

Monday, March 12

2012 = week 11

It was Spring Break, and we spent our week
burning up the road between Hernando and Hattiesburg.
We packed and loaded then unloaded and unpacked.

Thursday, March 8

2012 = week 10

guess what's new at our house?

Thursday, March 1

2012 = week 9

These 3 boxes are my very organized
private practice charts from the last 12 years.
Just the organizing this week was hard work!
It was a nostalgic walk.
I didn't count how many charts there were.
Some kiddos I saw just once for an evaluation
and some kiddos I saw for years.
There are several sets of siblings.
Did you know that you have to keep
pediatric medical records until the child turns 21?
I only found one child that has turned 21.
There are several with birthdates in the early 90's.
But most, I realize that I will need to keep until after Carly turns 21.
That seems like a LONG way off!