Tuesday, June 29

I'm bored.

{Sunday afternoon, I told Carly to turn the T.V off and to find something to do that did not involve a screen. It was close to 100 degrees outside in the shade, so she was forced to come up with something to do inside. I walked passed her room, and it was really quiet. I stuck my head in to find her doing her nails on the floor in her bathroom (the designated "safe" zone). Her fingers were metallic pink and her toes were black & yellow. She called them "bumble bee".}

Thursday, June 24

archived fun

Back in January, a friend took her daughter, Carly, and a couple of other friends out for dinner and pottery painting at Mudd Monkey. These were taken by one of the other mom's. She emailed them to me but then they got lost in the depths of my email box.

Monday, June 21

queens of the court

This spring my friend Ginny talked me into playing doubles with her in a beginner tennis league. I think we ended up 1-7. We had a fabulous time, and it was nothing if not therapeutic. We love having an evening that we can get out of the house and enjoy some girl time. The "beginner" league ended up being 2.5 and 3.0 ranked players. Ginny and I don't have a ranking and have played very little tennis, we are probably more like 2.0's but we faked (not very well) a 2.5!
This summer, the league was labeled a 5.5 combo league which means you and your partner's rankings should add up to 5.5. Guess what? we don't even get close to adding up. In fact, I tried to lobby for us having a third player that might help us add up to 5.5.
But Monday is our night, our night out of the house, our night to enjoy girls time, our night to make new friends, our night to laugh, our night to have fun, our night to think we might actually win this week! ha! ha!
Ginny just texted me that she would pick me up. So off to the courts I go!
Then she told me "go get my game face on".
I might need to go find it. I'm not sure where I left it last.

Saturday, June 19

easel-y amused

For Mother's Day, we gave mom a painting class at Easely Amused.
We finally worked out a painting we wanted to do with a schedule that we could make work.
We staked out our places, chose our paint colors, and were ready to go to work.
There was such concentration!
There was laughter. There was lots of fun!
There was talk of doing it again.

Sunday, June 13

it comes to an end

Today was the last game of Carly's softball season.
There have been ups and downs and lots of learning.
This weekend MamMam, G'daddy, and Aunt Kacey came for a weekend of VERY HOT tournament ball. Carly's team won 2 games yesterday and lost today to win 3rd place in the June Jam Tournament.

Thursday, June 10

May Madness

The girls wrapped up May by playing in the May Madness tournament.
The girls lost the first game of the tournament which put them in the loser's bracket.
Then, they won the next 4 games in order to make it to the finals
just to get beat by the same team again!
But, they played a great 4 games in order to win 2nd place in the tournament!
On Saturday, Carly had a big cheering session -
Nonna & D made the first game on Saturday and
G'daddy & MamMam made it for all 3 games on Saturday.
We all sat around in the sun and sweated together!
Now that is some real family bonding.
The girls each got a 2nd place medal and the team got a trophy.
As usual, it is a little bittersweet to be rewarded for 2nd place right after you lost a game.
the Terrors
Carly, Kaitlyn, Alex, Molly, Macy, Brittany,
Kenzie, Kaylee, Malory, Madison

Wednesday, June 9

summer outing

Carly went in to work with me for a very short day.
While we were in Memphis, we went to the Brooks Museum
for Wacky Wednesday - their kids' day.
The art activity was making animals with Model Magic.
Carly made a sea turtle. I think she ended up with the name Sally the Sea Turtle.
Then we had the opportunity to walk around and check out a little art.
The Brooks has a small amount of art on permanent display and then hosts exhibits.
There was an exhibit with local art including this multi-media canvas.
{surprisingly no Elvis on velvet, I feel a little cheated}
Carly had a great time. We will have to put it on our "do it again" list.

Tuesday, June 8

just a little friendly competition

{field day 2010}

{ball toss - Carly wanted to be in the hippity hop relay.
But due to the fact her last name comes at the end of the alphabet,
she ended up doing the ball toss. She told this fact to anyone who would listen.
I think she might have still been upset when she went up to throw the ball
because she launched it further than anyone else by double.
The blue ribbon might have helped appease her!}
{blue ribbon #1}
{taking a break in the shade}
{event #2 tug-of-war}
{red team: abby, victoria, carly, kacie, georgie, lauren}
{blue ribbon #2}

Sunday, June 6

an honorable day

I like this picture because I can see the "I'm proud of myself" in her expression but I'm a little torn by how old she looks - a combination of the straight hair and dangle earrings.
In the program, Carly was recognized for making Honor Roll
which is having all A's in each subject each of the 9 weeks.
About 10 out of the 68 4th graders made Honor Roll.
Carly with her teacher, Ms Bledsoe.

Thursday, June 3

what we do at the beach

enjoy the sand and water
search for shells
fill the kitchen with our favorite foods eat at our favorite places read enough that we had to make a trip to the book store
eat popsicles {a lot of popsicles}
play cards
go to tacky souvenir shops
catch a movie
eat treats
enjoy the sunsets