Wednesday, June 9

summer outing

Carly went in to work with me for a very short day.
While we were in Memphis, we went to the Brooks Museum
for Wacky Wednesday - their kids' day.
The art activity was making animals with Model Magic.
Carly made a sea turtle. I think she ended up with the name Sally the Sea Turtle.
Then we had the opportunity to walk around and check out a little art.
The Brooks has a small amount of art on permanent display and then hosts exhibits.
There was an exhibit with local art including this multi-media canvas.
{surprisingly no Elvis on velvet, I feel a little cheated}
Carly had a great time. We will have to put it on our "do it again" list.


Jill said...

This sounds like a fun day, but I'm a little disappointed there was no velvet Elvis!

Keetha said...

No Elvis on velvet - now that's just wrong!