Thursday, June 10

May Madness

The girls wrapped up May by playing in the May Madness tournament.
The girls lost the first game of the tournament which put them in the loser's bracket.
Then, they won the next 4 games in order to make it to the finals
just to get beat by the same team again!
But, they played a great 4 games in order to win 2nd place in the tournament!
On Saturday, Carly had a big cheering session -
Nonna & D made the first game on Saturday and
G'daddy & MamMam made it for all 3 games on Saturday.
We all sat around in the sun and sweated together!
Now that is some real family bonding.
The girls each got a 2nd place medal and the team got a trophy.
As usual, it is a little bittersweet to be rewarded for 2nd place right after you lost a game.
the Terrors
Carly, Kaitlyn, Alex, Molly, Macy, Brittany,
Kenzie, Kaylee, Malory, Madison

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Jill said...

I think it's super impressive that they beat 3 other teams to come back and take 2nd place!