Monday, April 25

more spring

We came home from our Easter weekend, to find the neighborhood geese have 3 little goslings.

Sunday, April 24

easter weekend

{egg dying} {daddy's birthday dinner} {carly and finn} {carly with grandaddy and mammam outside church} {daddy with kacey and I} {favorite one all weekend} {ready for easter baskets}

{happy easter 2011}

Tuesday, April 5

gone in 60 seconds

Sofie got a new toy Saturday.
It had 3 interlocked rings.
2 were harder plastic textured rings.
The middle ring was a mesh-type material.
Her little tail was wagging so hard that I thought it might wag her.
I gave her the toy and watched her happily dance around the den.
I got my camera for a couple of pictures.
I took my camera back to the other room.
When I got back,
she had chewed through the mesh ring
and was shredding it all over the rug.
Now she has 2 hard plastic rings.
They seem fairly indestructible?
The blue one is down.
Now she's down to 1 hard plastic ring.

Monday, April 4

through the front door

It was loud. It was scary. It wasn't even in my yard.
My neighbor is just happy it fell that way instead of on top of her house!

Saturday, April 2

have you ever?

Carly was invited to a birthday party last weekend-
a limo scavenger hunt party.
Have any idea how excited this group of 11 year olds were?
The limo driver took the birthday girl, her mom, and about a dozen of her friends
around Memphis in this gigantic zebra hummer limo.
(I can only imagine how loud it was in the inside)
The driver gave them clues to each Memphis local, then he took them there.
They would all pile out and take a picture out front.
(I wish I had been there for the pictures!)
They wrote their names on the wall at Graceland,
they took pictures at the FedEx Forum & Gibson Guitar Factory,
they went to the roof of the Peabody,
they climbed on the statues at the zoo,
they sang in front of the Orpheum, and
danced in front of the McDonald's (for a snack break).
Even though Carly had been to all the places (except Graceland),
it was an experience she won't forget.