Thursday, June 28

2012: week 26

Carly and I made a trip to Hernando.
We only had a couple of days but we made the most of it.
We had tons of friend time.
We stayed with the Swindoll's and spent most of it in their fabulous new pool!
We ate out, played tennis, watched basketball,
went bowling, went to the movies all with friends!
It was great to catch up with everyone.
Can't wait until the next time!

Thursday, June 21

2012: week 25

We have had a busy summer week.
Carly started the week with a trip to Silver City.
Her highlight was driving lessons from G'daddy.

While she was in Silver City,
Kenny and I had 2 date nights, gasp!
We had a great dinner at Purple Parrot
and went to the movie to see the Avengers
(even if it was the old people movie, as Carly called the afternoon matinee)

Kenny went to Clarksdale with his buddies for the 6man golf tournament and
Carly came home just in time to play in a novice junior tennis tournament.
She won 2nd place in singles and
1st in doubles!
More exciting than that was that Uncle Beege and JC
caught her good doubles play to win!

Oh, and I got a job!

Tuesday, June 12

2012: week 24


When we moved into our apartment,
Kenny wanted to plant some pots on our balcony.
I have "no yard work" as a positive of apartment living.
I didn't care if he wanted to plant some pots,
but I didn't really want anything to do with it.

Now we have basil, chives and tomatoes!
I guess you can say he's the ant
and I am the grasshopper.

A grasshopper that really really loves BLTs
tomato tarts and bruschetta.

Thursday, June 7

2012: week 23

Carly spent the week
{a very HOT week}
at USM's tennis camp.
She has played a lot of tennis over the last 4 1/2 days

Today was the last day.
Carly got the award for
"Worked the Hardest".
Kenny and I told her that is the best award you can get.

As hot and tired as she was in the afternoons,
she was ready to go again the next morning.
I don't think she was ready for it to be over,
and she wants to go back next year.