Tuesday, June 12

2012: week 24


When we moved into our apartment,
Kenny wanted to plant some pots on our balcony.
I have "no yard work" as a positive of apartment living.
I didn't care if he wanted to plant some pots,
but I didn't really want anything to do with it.

Now we have basil, chives and tomatoes!
I guess you can say he's the ant
and I am the grasshopper.

A grasshopper that really really loves BLTs
tomato tarts and bruschetta.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

No way. You have tomatoes already? Wow. I love BLT's and bruschetta and all things fresh tomatoes.

Jill said...

Plus you get to take great pictures of them!!

Natasha said...

Great photo as usual!!

This is our 4th year in this house and we finally have a decent garden going. So far this season we have had tomatoes, cukes, eggplants, lettuce (which was terrible - bitter) and berries.

We also joined a CSA that we have been on a wait list for and I am so excited about that! We get our 1st box to morrow.

patsy said...

I am so impressed!
Tomatoes already? And they are so beautiful- I can't wait for mine... I do have a little teeny tiny green one coming on :)

Gorgeous photos

Melinda said...

I really wish I liked tomatoes. Life would be so much better and easier to cook dinner.

This picture is so awesome, you can actually see the little hair stuff on the vines! I show Jason your pictures all the time. He's learning about our SLR and really enjoys taking pictures.