Tuesday, February 26

26 february 2013

Before we move in to our new home,
there is lots to do, to make it our own.
The kitchen is getting a complete overhaul
including counter tops, floors, appliances, AND
a large opening from the kitchen looking into the living area.
The demolition has begun!

Tuesday, February 19

19 february 2013

We are home owners again.
We closed on our new house Friday.
I'm excited.  I'm scared.
I kind of liked being debt free for a few months.
But, we are ready.
Ready to put down roots and feel at home.
Ready to have a yard for Sofie to run around in.
Ready to have the grill and to cook out on our new patio.
Ready to get all our belongings out of storage.
Ready for Carly to have friends as neighbors.
Ready to have people over.
Ready to have room to spread out.
Yep, we are ready!

Tuesday, February 12

12 february 2013

Sunday afternoon, we ended up in the closet a couple of times
because of a line of storms that was moving across the area.
Taking cover for storms is nothing new.
Over the years, I feel like we have perfected the process.
Everyone has their shoes on.  Purse is close by.
Phone in hand.  T.V. news on.  Weather radio going off.
Pillows and blankets fill the space.
Kenny is outside looking at the sky.
During the third trip to the closet,
Kenny comes dashing in the closet saying
"It's close. I heard it"
From the apartment balcony, Kenny had seen and heard it move by.
  I'm glad I didn't see the videos until later.
We hunkered down and listened as it moved by.
Before we even got out of the closet, people were posting on facebook
and obviously we were on the news because the phone started ringing.
The path of destruction is unbelievable.
It is also completely amazing that no one died.
I don't know how.
There are stories.  Stories from people you know.
Stories from families at church.
Stories of people from work.
It was too close.

Tuesday, February 5

5 february 2013

Happy 13th Birthday!
The official teenage years have started.
We had King Cake for breakfast birthday morning
since Carly was celebrating during the Mardi Gras season,
and she chose Mugshots for dinner.
{Carly ordered fried cheese, a cheeseburger,
and french fries that she dips in Ranch dressing}
Carly wanted her tennis racquets restrung for her birthday
and if she can EVER make up her mind,
she will get a new bedspread/linens for her bed.