Saturday, August 27

friday night football

It was a fabulous night for high school football.
The weather was cooler and there was a little breeze.
I love sitting on the grassy knoll.
It is great for hanging out and visiting with everyone.
It's like tailgating through the whole ballgame.
The actual football was good too.
After a strong second half, we won 45-14.
It was navy night. It was fun seeing everyone in blue. Although I discovered I only own 1 navy shirt - a homecoming T-shirt from a few years ago.
Carly and her friends love being able to hang out with seemingly more freedom.

Wednesday, August 24

wordless wednesday :: heebie jeebies

photo by Kenny
(because even my zoom lens
would have put me too close)

Monday, August 22

good thoughts to start the day

Resolution #2 of a new school year: daily devotion.
We slacked off during the summer (in many areas).
We decided a good time to add a devotion to our school day was on the way to school.
So each morning, Carly is reading a devotion a loud to us
from Heads Up! Sports Devotions for All Star kids.
Today's Bible verse: I Peter 2:12 -
Live such good lives among the pagans that,
though they accuse you of doing wrong,
they may see your good deeds and glorify God.

Sunday, August 21

court time

Resolution #1 of a new school year: Move more!
We've been spending more time here.
Thankful that it decided to cool off just a little.

Thursday, August 11

back to school lunch

What a fun way to start a new school year!
Lunch with friends after the first 1/2 day.
Carly picked the menu - tacos, rice, fruit and ice cream sandwich dessert.
This year there were 2 eighth graders, 4 sixth graders, 2 fifth graders, and a third grader.
9 kids and 9 navy uniform shirts.
There are 4 color options and they all wore navy.
They all wear shorts under their skirts and they had all taken their skirts off.

Tuesday, August 9

back-to-school eve dinner

Carly gets to choose the menu for dinner the night before school starts.
This year, she chose homemade pizzas - no argument here.
She wanted Alfredo sauce, chicken and bacon.
I could not talk her into a vegetable.
The good thing about homemade pizzas is you can throw on whatever toppings you want.
So, Kenny and I added an assortment of spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and basil.
Later, Carly was seen eating pizza with all of these.
What a way to kick off a new year!