Sunday, November 30

thanksgiving in silver city

Kacey told me that she read that the average person consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving. This a big problem because I get to do it twice. Since we spend a whole week with family we eat a lot, AND we have two official Thanksgiving meals.
On Thursday we had our official Thanksgiving meal in Silver City- chicken & dressing, sweet potato pudding, broccoli & rice, butter beans, cranberry sauce, and rolls. Later there was apple pie.

It was perfectly Thanksgiving and oh so Yummy. I think it adds even more to the week that we get to celebrate twice. It is also special that our families have different ways of celebrating and Kenny, Carly & I get to eat two very different holiday meals.

What else did we squeeze in? a little Christmas shopping, Carly got a flu shot, working for Doodlebugs, hunting, cooking, visiting with family, made a trip to Indianola to eat at the Crown, watched the Macy's Tgiving day parade, played Twister, made more recycled turkeys, read, worked on Christmas cards, looked at lots of Christmas magazines, was a little lazy, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Saturday, November 29

I got skills

Celeste decided that we needed fancy napkins on the table for Thanksgiving so now I can add napkin folding to my short list of skills.
I am sure that sometime in my life I will win a contest or amaze others with this new knowledge.
It is probably a skill that Southern Belles are suppose to know and before now, I had surprisingly managed to get by.

To equal out Carly's hunting lessons in the morning, I gave her a napkin folding lesson in the afternoon. She's nothing if not well-rounded!

With my new skill, I am sure to get invited to all the best parties.

Friday, November 28

thanksgiving from the lake

{we had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner - antipasta of bacon-wrapped shrimp & cannellini tapenade, then beef tenderloin, parsley-pesto pasta, spinach madeline, and yeast rolls, then pecan pie}

{recycled turkey artwork for Nona's fridge}

...... ...... {grilling up my bacon-wrapped shrimp antipasta}


{Nona telling secrets}
...... {Happy Thanksgiving from the Lake}

Saturday, November 22

thanksgiving - round 1

  • I love Thanksgiving week. Mostly I love it because it is a minimalist week full of family. For years we have taken the week from the Friday before Thanksgiving until the weekend after Thanksgiving to spend time with family, eat, hang out, visit, and in general just enjoy each other. Some years the "girls" have taken off for a little outing while the "guys" do what they love best about the season which is to hunt.

  • We left yesterday to head to the "Lake House" to spend a long weekend with Kenny's side of the family - Celeste, Doug, Beege, Libba, JC are all here. We had a fabulous dinner last night of roasted pork loin, butternut squash risotto, apple-cranberry-spinach salad, and green bean casserole. Yum! We hung out into the night drinking red wine and enjoying a roaring fire.

  • Today the hunters left in the freezing dark while I snuggled deeper into the quilt covered bed. The sun woke me as it shone brightly into the window, and I had the lazy morning to pick up my book and enjoy the quietness.

  • The hunters returned without any bounty, in time for us to eat a big breakfast. Doug made his famous biscuits while Celeste took care of everything else - bacon, sausage, egg, cheese grits. And Beege started the party with fabulous bloody marys with spicy pickled okra and asparagus. And as usual before we could finish one divine meal we were planning the next which led to discussions about Christmas meals.

  • And now, as I am sitting in my pajamas in front of another roaring fire and listening to a room full of others taking a mid morning nap, I am thinking I might need to change into real clothes and get ready for football. It was decided that only in the South is there a food and drink menu for an afternoon of football.

Friday, November 21

the end

This year's soccer season has come to an end.
As usual, I feel a mixture of relief for a break and sadness. It always feels like it is over just when they are taking it to the next level.
Carly and her good friend Miss K
MamMam and Grandaddy made it.
And like last year, they came to the coldest game of the year!

Tuesday, November 11

{simplified} SPT

Happy Veterans' Day
to my favorite veteran
Love you Dad!

Sunday, November 9

where in the world is belzoni?

A few years ago, U-Haul added lots of new trailers to its fleet. On these trailers were post cards of several different United States cities. At this moment I can not remember what the other cities are but one of them is
Belzoni, Mississippi.
Belzoni is the county seat of Humphreys County, Mississippi. Humphreys County with a population close to 10,000 is a rural, agricultural area. It has been known as the Catfish Capital, Heart of the Delta, the Most Southern Place on the Earth. It was a happening place when cotton was king, but not so much anymore. It is more often recognized as being either on the top of lists or the bottom depending on what the lists are measuring like the highest poverty level, lowest high school graduation rate, highest infant mortality rate, you get the picture.
I am from this county. I grew up in a small, more like tiny, town close to Belzoni. Population 200 and that is probably counting large family pets. My parents still live there. Some of the people I love the most are there. The people who shaped me are there. Some of the best teachers and role models are there. A wonderful way of life is there trying to hold out with many things working against it. I frequently say "it is a wonderful place to be from and it's nice to go back and visit."
It makes me chuckle that U-Haul chose Belzoni. It is a county sport to not only see the Belzoni U-hauls but get your picture taken with them across the country. The local paper is frequently printing pictures of Belzoni residents on vacation standing by a U-Hall with captions like "The Brown Family recently vacationed in Texas" or pictures of people connected to someone from Belzoni like "Sam Brown, uncle of Bill Brown, in Austin, Texas".
I wasn't able to actually get in the picture with the U-Haul but my caption could read: {Kim Sue, daughter of Slick & Kathy, gdaughter of Finn, sister to Kacey in Southaven, Mississippi}

Thursday, November 6

book character parade

{each year Carly's school has a book character parade
Carly got another wear out of her olympic gymnast costume
yes I know, no Halloween at school, but costumes the week after
don't think the irony is lost on me}
{all the kids come dressed as a character from a book -
some costumes are really simple and some very creative}

{Carly with her friends...oh, I mean 2 Nancy Drews}

{Carly's 3rd grade class}

Wednesday, November 5

wordless wednesday

{simplified} SPT

17th anniversary of our 1st date
November 4, 1991
want to see other {simplified} SPT
go check them out here

Tuesday, November 4

september & october reads

  1. Stone Cold by David Baldacci Seriously? It's just going to end like that? I saw Baldacci has a new book out. I'm sure it picks up right where this one left off. Which means I have to read it because what happens with Annabelle?
  2. Marley and Me by John Grogan funny and sad...found myself relating as an owner of a dog who has eaten her share of items that were not meant to be eaten, crashed through her own screen doors and has her own irrational fears of fireworks. Just read that the movie comes out in December with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson - glad I didn't know that before I read it because the picture I drew in my head does not match those 2 actors.
  3. Dark Harbor by Stuart Woods Stone (not to be confused with Baldacci's Stone, what's the chance of that? 2 main characters in 2 books I read this month with the same name) and his gang on an island off the coast of Maine trying to solve a rash of murders. Holly is kidnapped but all is well in the end
  4. Angel's Flight by Michael Connelly Howard Elias, LA civil rights lawyer who made a name for himself for suing cops, is murdered. Is it a cop or not? Lots of twists and turns. As usual Bosch figures it out in the end.
  5. Now and Then by Robert B. Parker Listened to this one on audio. Joe Montagne reading Spencer and Hawk's dialogue full of wit and sarcasm was great.
  6. Bad Business by Robert B. Parker Spencer and Hawk at it again. Initially hired for a divorce case to gather proof of husbands infidelity but of course the plot only thickens from there. And in the words of Hawk "oh , what a tangled web we weave".
  7. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier dark, mysterious, full of secrets....keeps you reading so you can find out what is going to happen next. And moral of the story "don't move into a scary mansion, with creepy servants because you fell in love with a man who had a dead first wife" just don't do it!

Monday, November 3

all american girl

Carly had been dropping hints and commenting that she would really like to go see Carrie Underwood. The ticker sign at the Civic Center had been running "Carrie Underwood, October 26" for weeks. Kenny had said "There is no way you can buy tickets now. It has probably been sold out for weeks."

On the pretense of going out to eat, we got dressed and went to a restaurant close to the Civic Center. Of course it was full and even the waitress asked if we were going to see Carrie Underwood. Kenny said "oh, that's tonight? No wonder it is so crowded in here".

She didn't know until we stopped to pay for parking. Kenny handed her the tickets and told her we were going. I think she was so stunned she didn't know what to say but she had a HUGE grin on her face.

We had fabulous seats. Probably the best seats I have ever had at a concert. I tried to explain to Carly not to expect seats like that if she ever got to go to another concert. I even pointed out the nose-bleed section that was packed full of people.

I'm glad there was an opening act because I think it took all that time and the lights coming back on for her to calm down. She told me on more than one occasion that she couldn't believe it! Kenny also took her to buy a T-shirt which she wore around for 2 days only taking it off to put her uniform on for school.

She told me later that she sang almost every song. I told her that she must have been singing some of them in her head. I think in her mind she was singing :) I did hear her singing "It's Just a Dream" and "All American Girl". She loved the jumbo screen that was right above us. It did make her appear larger than life.

When asked what she would remember about the night, she said "the whole thing!" I also asked her would she have rather seen Hannah Montana last year when we were not able to get tickets or Carrie Underwood. She said "oh, definitely Carrie Underwood".

Sunday, November 2

trick or treat

"anything can happen under a pumpkin moon" pumpkin moon
what a wonderful evening full of fun & friends

an olympic gymnast

snow white, ariel, a bride, soccer player & volleyball player

not sure what was more fun? trick or treating or candy trading

can't wait to do it again next year

Happy Halloween!