Wednesday, October 27

pumpkin guts

Picked Carly and Miss MM up from school for an afternoon of pumpkin carving. We tried 2 pumpkin stands which were both closed [there had been bad weather earlier in the day including a tornado warning]. We ended up at WalMart for the girls to choose their pumpkin canvas. This took much, much longer than anticipated. The only reason we made it home before midnight was because I started a countdown. There was a point when I realized that whatever I suggested was the exact opposite of what they were going to choose [case-in-point, Carly's pumpkin has NO stem and neither chose a tall pumpkin] so I decided to stand to the side and give the time countdown.

They emptied the utensil drawer out for the pumpkin gut removal. They tested most of the drawer trying to decide what the best tool for the job was including big spoons, little spoons, ice cream scoop, pasta server, and a little scraper that came with the pumpkin carver kit.

Pumpkin carving is a yearly activity that drives home how fast they are growing up. This year they were pretty much self-sufficient right down to lighting the candle although I suggested they were less likely to burn themselves if they put the candle in the pumpkin and then lit it rather than the other way around. Carly said "oh, good idea" like it was our first time to carve a pumpkin. I'll be lucky if I get to take pictures next year!

Mr. E (Miss MM's daddy) joined us. There was some discussion that I should be required to get a photo release before posting pictures on the blog. I'm pretty sure he gave me verbal approval to use this one, I think.

A good time was had by all, right down to the after carving lasagna dinner.

wordless wednesday :: pumpkin faces

Tuesday, October 26

honor roll

She did it. There were times [a lot] that I didn't think she was. This was probably the hardest 9 weeks that she has experienced. But she worked hard [when I say she, I mean we] and pulled out all A's. So, she got to pick where we were going to eat out to celebrate her hard work. Surprisingly, it was not Mexican or Chinese. She said "I want to eat at the Fillin' Station on the roof". So, on the perfect night, with a huge full moon, we had a wonderful meal on the roof patio.
[Thanks Mr. Steve & Ms Lisa for my celebratory Chocolate Eruption dessert!!]

Monday, October 25

more pizza pie

Friday night, mom and dad were here and we had pizza making night. Everyone designed their own for us all to try. [mine: white sauce, ham, spinach, and red peppers] We had a great night sitting at the counter visiting and eating a little pizza.

Sunday, October 24

saturday tennis

{look at that serve form}

{if it gets the job done?}

{partners and friends} {got it!}
{we're outta here}

Monday, October 18

baby woody is in the house

We got to make quick visit to see new cousin, Woody.
At 5 days old, he is already precious and looking just like his big brother.
Carly was just sad that she didn't have as much time to love Woody as she wanted.
Uncle Kenny and Baby Woody

Thursday, October 14

get your pink on

What are friends for if not for talking you into taking the day off from work to have a girl's day?
Tuesday, we played in the "Get Your Pink On" tennis tournament for
breast cancer awareness. I debated hard but decided that spending the day with good friends, having fun, eating a good lunch, playing a little tennis, and raising a little money for a good cause was a pretty good reason to take the day off.
Julie and Gwyn (in their pink) checking out their bracket.
Gwyn and Elizabeth getting their game face on! Ginny and I ready for a little fun competition. We even played against each other in the first pairing.
Thank you guys for being such good friends.
Jan, you were in our thoughts and in our hearts today
at the tennis courts, in pink, with friends. Missed you!

Tuesday, October 12

because columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492

Who wants to go to work when Carly is out of school & Kenny has the day off?
It was a gorgeous day so we took the opportunity to head to the zoo. When I say it was a great day to go to the zoo, I mean, it might possibly have been the best weather for a zoo trip that I have ever had in 9 1/2 years of taking Carly to the zoo.
We tried to remember our last visit and think that this might have been our first trip this year. The last time I documented a visit was in December when I took Carly and Miss MM to
Zoo Lights (which was quite possibly the coldest zoo visit ever).
The animals thought it was a fabulous day too.
The Grizzles were frisky and we all voted them our favorites for the day.
We went to the seal show (which we have seen at least 2 dozen times, and it hasn't changed yet).
The seals were enjoying the cooler temperatures and the beautiful sunshine too.
We also saw the polar bears, eagles, rhino, elephants, wolves and elk.
Oh, Carly took her Dad into the animals of the night exhibit (think bats, bugs, moles, sloths).
Thanks to a zoo membership (thanks MamMam and G'daddy), we have made many a trip to the zoo over the last 9 1/2 years. Each time, I ask Carly what she wants to see because there is NO WAY to see it all (enjoyably). Because of the membership, I have never felt the pressure to see it all. We overheard a mother tell her child to "hurry up, if we are going to see it all". Carly said, "they should slow down and enjoy it, it's impossible to see it all." That's my girl!
We visited the new gorillas.
Each time we see the gorillas it makes me think of Carly when she was a toddler.
The "gorilla monkeys" were her favorite. In fact we made a couple of trips to the zoo and did nothing but visit the "gorilla-monkeys" and play on the playground.
Surprisingly, she didn't even ask to play on the playground this trip (I think this makes me a little sad).

Sunday, October 10

maybe someone will buy them?

I was asked recently if I would be interested in selling some of my notecards at a local gift shop that is opening soon. I thought they had confused me with Kacey and said "no that is my sister that makes the stationery". But, they had seen a set that I had given as a birthday gift several months ago and were interested in a few sets. There were all kinds of questions that I really wasn't sure about because I usually make these for my own use or to mail as little good mail happies. I have never tried to sell a set. So, we will see.

Saturday, October 9

Fall in Heber

We made a trip over to Heber Springs to see the Bradshaws. It had been a year since we had seen them. What a wonderful place to spend one of our first fall weekends. We usually go in the summer or the winter because Carly is busy with soccer in the Fall.
On Saturday we went to the football game to see Andrew (and Marty) in action. It has been a long time since I have seen some peewee football (they don't call it that anymore).

The Panthers won handily and we got to teach the kids several lessons due to the behavior of the coach on the other team. The song "Boys of Fall" came to mind numerous times especially the little interviews in the video where they keep stressing that they hope kids are having a good time. The coach on the other team stole that from his kids, and I hate that. Someone needs to encourage him to take up another pass time.

We headed back to the house to spend the afternoon and evening on the deck. It was a beautiful day to be outside...warm midday with big blue skies and lots of sunshine and then steadily cooling off until I was ready to put my hoodie on. The guys got busy grilling. Marty had the ribs going - nothing like the smell of the grill. Kenny whipped up some of his new favorite appetizers - I just realized that he needs to come up with a name for them.
As always, big fun in Heber.
Thank you Bradshaw's for making us feel at home
and letting us get away from it all
(including Sofie who had a nice visit at the doggie hotel).

Wednesday, October 6

Friday, October 1

Food, Fun & Friends

Thanks for taking us to the fair Ms Ginny!!