Tuesday, October 12

because columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492

Who wants to go to work when Carly is out of school & Kenny has the day off?
It was a gorgeous day so we took the opportunity to head to the zoo. When I say it was a great day to go to the zoo, I mean, it might possibly have been the best weather for a zoo trip that I have ever had in 9 1/2 years of taking Carly to the zoo.
We tried to remember our last visit and think that this might have been our first trip this year. The last time I documented a visit was in December when I took Carly and Miss MM to
Zoo Lights (which was quite possibly the coldest zoo visit ever).
The animals thought it was a fabulous day too.
The Grizzles were frisky and we all voted them our favorites for the day.
We went to the seal show (which we have seen at least 2 dozen times, and it hasn't changed yet).
The seals were enjoying the cooler temperatures and the beautiful sunshine too.
We also saw the polar bears, eagles, rhino, elephants, wolves and elk.
Oh, Carly took her Dad into the animals of the night exhibit (think bats, bugs, moles, sloths).
Thanks to a zoo membership (thanks MamMam and G'daddy), we have made many a trip to the zoo over the last 9 1/2 years. Each time, I ask Carly what she wants to see because there is NO WAY to see it all (enjoyably). Because of the membership, I have never felt the pressure to see it all. We overheard a mother tell her child to "hurry up, if we are going to see it all". Carly said, "they should slow down and enjoy it, it's impossible to see it all." That's my girl!
We visited the new gorillas.
Each time we see the gorillas it makes me think of Carly when she was a toddler.
The "gorilla monkeys" were her favorite. In fact we made a couple of trips to the zoo and did nothing but visit the "gorilla-monkeys" and play on the playground.
Surprisingly, she didn't even ask to play on the playground this trip (I think this makes me a little sad).


Melinda said...

What a fun day! Those bears look like they were fun to watch.

Jill said...

I'm so glad you had nice weather for this outing!

Whitney always asks to go to the zoo and we NEVER go. The last time we went was with her first grade class for a field trip, and it was freezing! I always tell her we need to go in the Spring or Fall, but I never think about it.

libba said...

i wish we had a fabulous zoo! glad yall had such a perfect afternoon!