Sunday, May 27

Pool Party

Carly's class had a Pool Party for their end-of-school party. It was a little cool but the kids did not mind and it was perfect weather for grown-ups to sit around visiting. They all played really hard - jumping, splashing, chasing, squirting, flipping, and horsing around. There was a brief break for pizza and cookies and then back at it they went. It went exactly like you think a end-of-school party should go.

Carly gave everyone a beach ball. Thank you Aunt Kacey for Carly's precious "Have a Great Summer" Stickers. They were a hit. It is hard to believe 1st grade is over!

Saturday, May 26

Sick Day

(Carly's in purple)

Last week, Carly's class had "Sick Day". Carly's favorite parts were dressing in pajamas, "camping out" with her friends, and having chicken soup and popsicles for lunch.

Friday, May 25

More of John Camp

Cousin John Camp

We spent last weekend with Kenny's brother and his family including cousin John Camp. John Camp and Carly had big fun together. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so most of the play was outside - at the park and in the backyard.
Kenny, Libba and Beege

Thanks for a great weekend - ks

Tuesday, May 15


Have you ever had an idea that early on seems so good, so innocent, so "this will make me a great mom"? I had one of those ideas. A few months ago, my darling, sweet, child started talking about farting playdough (yes, I know, how very unlady-like). I'm not sure where the first tidbits of information came from but she had become extremely interested in the prospect. So, I thought she needed some (a.k.a "Flarp) - it seemed harmless. So, I shared this with my mom and sister (I have to tell you they thought it was extremely amusing that I was considering giving my child farting playdough). Given it was Easter time, we passed along this idea to the Easter bunny (sounds like a fun Easter basket happie, right?). So, Easter morning not only did sweet Carly get some farting playdough but Daddy and Uncle Rocky got their own :) There was lots of fun stuffed into that Easter basket - books, flip flops, pool toys, swim suit cover up, bath stuff, art stuff, candy. But, by far the Flarp got the biggest response. I can not remember seeing Carly so hysterical. She thought Flarp was the funniest thing ever. Check out those pictures. You can actually feel her laughter. So, what is the problem you ask? Because it sounds exactly like what I was shooting for. And yes, I briefly was excited with her pure delight. That is until, I had heard about as many farts and as much bathroom humor as any mom can handle (I know, I should have known better!) Even Dad, who has a much higher tolerance for said humor had enough. Sadly, Flarp was even banned from the family rooms (allowed only in her room and outside). Thank goodness she's 7, her amusement has wained and I only occasionally hear sounds of Flarp coming from her room.

Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day

I got lots of wonderful mother's day gifts. Last night, Kenny and Carly took me out for dinner to Sekisui - yummy sushi! Carly made a handprint towel at school with a cute little poem attached. She also answered questions about her mom. It was all very cute like what is my favorite show. Carly said Oprah which is kind of funny because I rarely watch it. Actually Carly probably rarely sees me watch T.V. She also said I weighed 90 pounds - God love her :) Kenny and Carly also gave me lots of new bath stuff and some exercise stuff (I asked for) - sweet cards and artwork too! Love you guys....

Saturday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day

Thank you Mom for all that you do.
All the questions you answer, all the errands you run, all the sewing, all the cooking, all the painting, all the cleaning, all the laundry, all the ironing, all the things you let me borrow, all the babysitting, all the support you give, all the encouragement you give, and all the love you give.
Love you!


Can we go bowling today? Can we go today? How about on Wednesday? What about next week? When can we go bowling? We finally scheduled a day for Carly to invite a couple of friends to go bowling (Carly is on the left with the pink ball). They were unimaginably giggly, silly, squealy, and hyper! There were lots of breaks for candy, slushes, dancing (who knew Carly even knew who Gwen Stefani was until I hear her singing Great Escape?) but we finally finished the world's longest bowling game. I think it was all a success and big fun was had by all.

Sunday, May 6

gone fishing

I saw an ad in a magazine today (not sure what it was advertising?). It said:
Daddy, take me fishing
because I am your first mate.
Take me fishing
and show me why they call it the great outdoors.
Take me fishing
because I won't be your little girl forever.
I love you Dad...thanks for taking me with you.

Friday, May 4

Field Day

Most of the rain moved on (well except that one rain cloud that came through soaking us all) leaving only patches of water and mud to steer kids away from. Field Day was a go!
There were stands full of hyped kids all wearing their class t-shirts, cheering on their classmates and friends, & getting only a little rowdy. This was my first field day and was fairly surprised with the efficiency of the process. It was well organized fun!
Carly was in two events. The hippty-hop relay and the tug-of-war team. She won 2 blue ribbons! It was all very exciting and fun.
I'm exhausted. First up, a hot bath followed by a glass of wine or maybe a glass of wine in the bath, now that sounds perfect. Gotta go!

Fabulous Day

We have had very strange spring weather. In early March, there were several days in a row when it felt like summer (highs in the mid-eighties) - most people were packing up their winter clothes and converting their closets to summer. Planting flowers and having thought of global warming. Then we had another cold snap. And I don't mean just a couple cool evenings. I mean freezing temperatures. We had a couple of weeks that were as cold as any winter weather we had. It is kind of hard to look like spring when you need your heavy coat. (Thank goodness for those trend-setting spring Italian scarves Celeste just brought me!) But then we have had some fabulous spring days!
Kenny and I were out in the yard sprucing up the flower beds and mowing the grass. Carly joined in briefly but then hooked up with her friend that lives next door. I looked up to find them sitting under a tree in the neighbors yard. I think they were playing school. She looked so precious. I wish my picture had done the moment justice. I was pretty far away, trying to keep the zoom steady. But as I tried to get closer she moved to the other side of the tree :) with an exasperated "moooom!"