Thursday, July 21

a fabulous fourth

We spent July 4th weekend in town because
the lake house wasn't ready after the flooding this spring.
We all made it for a long weekend
including Josh's first 4th in the States in several years
and Woody's 1st.
We spent most of the weekend in or around the pool.
We missed the lake house and the boat but enjoyed the ease of going in and out of the house,
as well as making at least one trip to the grocery store everyday!
Even Sofie took a little dip to cool off. She wasn't all that excited about swimming but wore herself out in the fenced-in backyard hunting anything that moved. As usual, we ate all weekend. We had surf and turf Friday night, fried fish Saturday night, and traditional 4th fare on Sunday. Carly and Nonna worked extra hard on a special dessert - cannoli. Yummy! Sweet Woody and I enjoying the shade. The kids playing in the pool. Nonna enjoying her turn with sweet Woody. Sofie discovered she liked a little margarita while at the pool. Carly discovered that she liked homemade peach ice cream while hanging out at the pool.

Tuesday, July 12

I want to go to camp

Well besides outdoor activities in 98 degrees.
Dropped Carly off Monday and I know she is loving every minute of it!

Sunday, July 10

picking blueberries

Carly and I made a trip to the blueberry farm.
It was on the summer outing list,
at least on mine.


Carly enjoyed it for about 45 minutes
and then she decided we were finished.
It was rather warm.
We did pick about a gallon of berries of which, Carly ate about half on the way back to the house.

She decided it was worth coming back for a bag full of fresh blueberries.


Saturday, July 9

something besides T.V.

Carly had her bow and target out this weekend.
{For the first time in months.}
Look who really wanted to go chase arrows!