Saturday, January 28

every child is an artist

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
pablo picasso
My sweet girl is turning 12.
How does that happen?

She asked a few friends to celebrate her birthday

with a fun painting party.

MamMam, G'daddy, Aunt Kacey and Kenny painted too.

We had it at the Pleasant Hill Art Center.
It was perfect for a tween party.
The girls had a fabulous time.
Ok, maybe the grown ups had a good time too! I kinda liked a birthday party with guests old enough to take care of themselves and someone else responsible for running the party. My only job was taking pictures. And I still managed to miss some opportunities! The girls were so focused. It was fun to see each of their paintings coming along. When we scheduled the party, Carly picked an owl to paint.
They all thought it was a good choice. Per Carly's request, we had pizza, fruit, and Sam's whipped icing cupcakes.
The gifts from her friends all fit into these categories:
vera bradley
itunes gift cards
Look whoooo's turning 12.
Sorry I couldn't help it.
What a wonderful evening!

Friday, January 27

2012 = week 4

Although, it was a little early, Carly had a BIG birthday week.
First, she had her best basketball game of the season.
She scored 13 points and had 13 rebounds!
They won in overtime!
Next, Kenny made it home in time
to see her and the rest of her 6th grade basketball team
recognized at half time of the high school girl's game.
On Saturday, her fan section grew larger
with the arrival of MamMam, G'daddy, and Aunt Kacey.
Her personal game wasn't as good as Thursday but
the team won!
Saturday evening, Carly had her birthday party with a few classmates.
They are growing up so fast.
We had a painting party, and the girls loved it.
It was the perfect tween party!
What a pre-birthday week!

Saturday, January 21


Carly's 6th grade basketball team was introduced at
halftime of the High School girls' basketball game.
It was a big night!

Thursday, January 19

2012 = week 3

This week I purged a lot of clothes from this house
that we can not or do not wear.
I took a bucket of clothes to the kid's resale store
and a bucket of clothes to the teen resale store.
I sent clothes home with Mom to take to a consignment store we use sometimes.
I took a bucket to Goodwill.
It was a little crazy.
Included in all that purging, was a large container of baby clothes.
Carly was 18 months when we moved to this house.
I have already moved these once and stored them for 10 years.
I think it was time to let go.

Tuesday, January 17

the smoke alarm didn't even go off once!

Our Christmas present to Mom, Aunt Donna Sue, and Kacey
was for us all to go to a brownie workshop
at Viking Cooking School.

So Saturday, we met up in Greenwood at Viking.

I thought a lot about an activity we could all do together.
Painting class was successful and
seeing Jersey Boys at the Orpheum was successful.
And I think this was too.

We had a lot of fun spending the morning together. We learned a few tips,

made some yummy brownies,
and didn't catch anything on fire. I didn't even burn the caramel sauce!
I could get use to someone putting all the ingredients out
and then washing all my dishes!
Nobody even cared that we got flour everywhere.
Carly almost got left out
because the website said that participants had to be 16.
I called to verify and was told again that the classes were designed for adults.
Kenny talked me into taking her anyway.
So glad I did. She had a great time and we would have missed her!

There were fancy names for all of them but basically we made
peanut butter cheesecake brownies, a raspberry blondie,
chocolate, chocolate brownie pops, and
an espresso mini brownie with caramel.

Fun times!

Thursday, January 12

2012 = week2

{Caroline #13 and Carly #31}
This week was all about basketball.
MamMam and G'daddy came for the weekend
and were able to catch 2 ballgames.
Carly had a really good game on Saturday
and was even the high scorer!
(that was a first!)
We were also able to catch
2 of Caroline's games this week.

Tuesday, January 10

{{Grateful}} 2012 word

I started my gratitude journal on the 1st.
I'm looking forward to changing the way I approach the day.
Starting the day LOOKING for things that I am thankful for.
There are plenty of things that I can find to complain about.
Plenty of things that I can think
"that's not fair" or "I wish that ....."
But, if I change my outlook to
"I am thankful for ...."
maybe there won't be as much room for those other thoughts!
Happy 2012!

Thursday, January 5

2012 = week 1

We started our 2012 in Hattiesburg.
We watched Mississippi State win their bowl game.
We ate Chinese on New Year's Eve,
and then made a traditional New Year's Day meal.
Kenny chose black-eyed peas, Carly chose mac n' cheese,
and I chose pork chops.
I tried to choose cabbage but no one fell for it.