Thursday, January 12

2012 = week2

{Caroline #13 and Carly #31}
This week was all about basketball.
MamMam and G'daddy came for the weekend
and were able to catch 2 ballgames.
Carly had a really good game on Saturday
and was even the high scorer!
(that was a first!)
We were also able to catch
2 of Caroline's games this week.


Melinda said...

We are in full swing with bball also. Cameron and Ashley are both playing.

Way to go Carly being the high score!

Natasha said...

I love how you are doing a weekly post this year. I haven't posted at all yet this year so a week by week might be the way to go!

Luci is doing soccer this winter instead of basketball. She's on a team of 5th through 8th grade BOYS, only 4 girls joined the team of 40+ boys!

Michelle Alley said...

Go Trojans! What fun they look like they are having!