Friday, July 30


First trip to the vet. Weighed 6.5 pounds.
Have to return in 2 weeks for shots.

Tuesday, July 27


because we are 10
because we are girls
because we are best friends
because it's summer

Friday, July 23

glimpses of vacation (don't mind all the sweat)

We took off to St. Louis to play, explore, and spend time just the 3 of us. We spent portions of 3 days at 6 Flags Amusement Park and Water Park. Kenny and Carly rode every rollercoaster {multiple times}, and I was thankful for shaded benches, lemonade, and people watching {let me tell you there are way too many tattoos out there}. We found some wonderful places to eat {LOVE trip advisor app} including Genghis Mongolian Grill where you make your own stir fry bowls, El Maguey for Mexican, Fountain on Locust a "soda fountain" downtown and Dewey's for awesome pizza {so good that we ate at 2 locations}.
At the water park, there were a group of 4 tube slides that Carly was content to ride all day. On our first visit to the water park we rented a double innertube and she dragged Kenny until closing time {I went twice, enough for me}. On the next trip, we rented single tubes so we could watch Carly go up and come down an extra 15 times {or more, I lost count}

{Evil Knievel - first rollercoaster of the trip}

{getting soaked before we head to the car}

At the amusement park, Carly had her mind set on the rides that she was going to ride and more importantly the 2 rides she was not. Kenny nagged her on the first day trying to change her mind about Batman but she wouldn't. On the second day she decided out of the blue that she wanted to ride it - then they ended up riding it 6 times over two days.

{after riding Batman, the first time}

We went to Grant Farms and saw the Clydesdales as well the other animals they have there. We saw an animal show where it appeared a Macaw did math, we are still skeptical about that. We took a tram ride through deer park where they have lots of grazing animals living in a natural environment such as bison, long horn cattle, deer, zebras, donkeys.
It is a really pretty area with a neat German building with a courtyard to eat in. Since admission is free and you can buy a season parking pass, I would bet there are many locals who go there on a regular basis. But it was HOT. really HOT and possibly the favorite part of the afternoon was a stop at the snowcone stand. We made our way through 6 states while we were gone - Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky. Our last night we spent in Paducah, Kentucky. We chose it because it was a good stopping point before picking up Sofie, but it ended up being a wonderful little town. It had a great revitalized river front and downtown area. After driving, exploring, walking around downtown, we decided {or I decided} that we were not restaurant material. Maybe another time. {downtown Paducah}

{Grand Rivers, KY}

Monday, July 19

ready, set go

Back for more fun at Six Flags! Watch out rollercoasters. Here they come!

Thursday, July 15

sports camp week

A few weeks ago, my friend Ginny offered to take Carly and her daughter to golf camp each morning at 8:30 and pick them up at lunch while I went to work. So Monday - Wednesday, I dropped her off at 8:00 and their day began. On Thursday, I was able to take them. When I asked Carly what I needed to do, she told me nothing, you can just leave. Love you too sweetie!
A couple days when I got home from work this is where I found them. I think each day Ginny had taken on at least one more. On Tuesday I met them at tennis in the afternoon. I asked Ginny how things were going and she told me it felt like she was running a sports camp! On Friday there was no golf or tennis. Carly and I were home and she wanted to know "what are we going to do today?"

swim bob, swim

Meet Bob. Bob was found in our flower bed this spring. Since then he has lived in a bowl in Carly's bathroom with a big piece of bark, rocks and water.
Bob is just not my kind of pet but Carly has taken great care of him. She fed him and kept his bowl as clean as you can keep a turtle's bowl. She knew that he didn't like turtle food but preferred fish food...who knew? only we would have a turtle with discriminating taste. If he hadn't been so stinkin cute, he probably would have been gone a long time ago.
But the time has come for Bob to make his way in the real world. So Carly cleaned him up and fed him (because she is worried that he is not going to be able to feed himself). She took him down to the pond in our neighborhood and found the perfect spot of soft mud, plants, and the edge of the water to let Bob go. We watched him dive in and take off.
Goodbye Bob. Hope you enjoy all that big water to swim in!

Saturday, July 10

the pick up

20 minutes after the camp pick up...she's gone!

Friday, July 9

missing megan

{carly and megan, july 4, 2010}
A couple of years ago, Carly met a sweet little girl, Megan, who lived a couple doors down from her Nonna. Over time, they have become great friends. I asked Carly to list some things that her and Megan have had the chance to do together. Carly listed: swim, cook with nonna, watch T.V., sleepovers, go to Bible school, play with her dog, go horseback riding.
{megan with her mom and sister}
Megan's dad recently got orders to return to active duty, so Megan and her family are moving to Texas this week. We are all going to miss Megan and her wonderful family but none more than Carly.

{megan with her dad and sister}

Thursday, July 8

what it's all about

{Megan, me, Carly}
We spent the weekend at the Lake House with Celeste, D, Beege, Libba, and JC.
On the 4th, we had the "traditional 4th" meal in the early evening and were joined by neighbors and friends. We put the food table on the back porch and set up tables in the grass. We had ribs, beans, grilled corn, broccoli salad, squash casserole, fruit, and sliced tomatoes.
{Carly with her plate - also enjoying one more visit with Megan before she moves to Texas}
{Kenny and D sampling the finished product} {Everyone having a good evening}
{Chuck, Jack, D}

Wednesday, July 7

the drop off

Check-in was completed, the bed was made, and the T-shirt was bought.
My jobs were done and, she was off and having fun before we got out of the parking lot!