Thursday, July 15

sports camp week

A few weeks ago, my friend Ginny offered to take Carly and her daughter to golf camp each morning at 8:30 and pick them up at lunch while I went to work. So Monday - Wednesday, I dropped her off at 8:00 and their day began. On Thursday, I was able to take them. When I asked Carly what I needed to do, she told me nothing, you can just leave. Love you too sweetie!
A couple days when I got home from work this is where I found them. I think each day Ginny had taken on at least one more. On Tuesday I met them at tennis in the afternoon. I asked Ginny how things were going and she told me it felt like she was running a sports camp! On Friday there was no golf or tennis. Carly and I were home and she wanted to know "what are we going to do today?"


Jill said...

Carly seems to be having a super-active and awesome summer!

Melinda said...

This girl is super busy! Looks like fun.

Ginny said...

It was a fun week! We've missed ya'll since we haven't seen you in a little over a week; we can't wait to meet the new addition!!