Friday, June 17

life's a beach...part 3

a week at the beach is so much better with a friend!

Wednesday, June 15

life's a beach...part 2

Just so we didn't turn to mush, we planned an outing.
We finally made a practice session of the Blue Angels.
We have been wanting to go for years
but they are typically out of town performing the week we go to the beach.

There were more people there than I expected for a practice session.

The website said there was seating for a 1000 or you could bring your own chairs/blankets.

We were sure that was plenty of seating.

Later we were glad that we got there early so that we had a seat.

It was as neat as I thought it would be.
They are amazing!
In some of the formations there is only 18 inches of separation.
Carly said she didn't even like riding bikes that close to anyone.
There was a man working there who was unofficially chatting with the crowd.
He didn't have a microphone so we were glad we were close enough to hear some of it.
Not sure why he didn't have a microphone?
I should have taken notes because he was a wealth of knowledge,
but now I can't remember.
He did say that these are 2 year volunteer positions
and there are lots of requirements for eligibility like fighter jet hours and carrier landings.
There are only 6 pilots, one is always a Marine and the others Navy.
There was also an aviation museum.
The girls were ready to go before we stepped in the door
(evidenced by Carly's face in this picture),
but we decided that our husbands would have wanted to stay all day.

Monday, June 13

life's a beach....part 1

We made our annual girls' beach trip.

There is nothing like a week at the beach.

Except maybe 2 weeks (one day!).

"Our" house got a new coat of paint and a new deck! We spend more time outside than we do inside.

We decided this was our 6th summer here.

We started the trip with our annual stop at the Farmer's Market.

Dominoes was the game of choice this year. I think I won - no need to verify that with anyone.

We spent a lot of time on the sand especially in the mornings and late in the evenings. The best time on the beach is sunset. We are officially bums....we decided that when we realized that the most productive thing we did one day was get dressed. Of course we didn't do that everyday, we didn't want to wear ourselves out.

We had another great week.
Fun downtime with family.