Wednesday, April 25

2012: week 17

Carly had Pi Day at school,
and I got to go help out
which let me see her with some new friends.
We spent the weekend in Clarksdale
celebrating the marriage of
Josh and Jay Lamb.
Lot of crawfish, cocktails, and laughter!
Now it is American Idol night.
We are all pulling for Skylar.
I'm pulling for Philip.
Carly is pulling for Jessica.
And Kenny is pulling for anyone but Joshua.

Thursday, April 19

2012 = week 16

We are spending a significant amount of time doing math these days.
Kenny has taken on the task of helper of math homework.
{thank you!!}
I think we are all determined to get Carly on an even playing ground.
Yes, it is the advanced math class but
more than anything it is just a different math program
than they were using before the move.
Last night I learned about negative exponents.
Well, maybe I re-learned about them,
but I don't remember learning them the first time.
I know it wasn't in the 6th grade,
and I'm sure I haven't used them lately.
Don't laugh, when was the last time that you
calculated the area of a triangular prism?

Thursday, April 12

2012 = week 15

Happy Birthday G'daddy!
Sorry you didn't catch more fish
but we enjoyed the weekend in Silver City.
Love ya.

Thursday, April 5

2012 = week 14

Week 13 was a busy week that ended with
a wonderful Easter weekend in Silver City.
We are slowly settling in.
We went to Hubfest and enjoyed a Saturday morning downtown.
We visited a new church.
Carly put another week under her belt.
She went to tennis practice and on a field trip to Camp Shelby.
I even volunteered at the school for
teacher appreciation luncheon.