Tuesday, October 29

29 October 2013

1st basketball game of the season was a good one. It was an 8th grade only game which allowed Carly and her 8th grade teammates to have lots of play time.  It gave them a chance to shake the nerves and have fun! What a great way to start the season!

Shaking my head....  Look at their surroundings!  I'm pretty sure a tsunami has come through. No wonder an extra pair of uniform shorts came home with us. It will be a miracle if we make it through the season with all our stuff. 

Tuesday, October 22

22 October 2013

We had a quiet weekend just the 3 of us in the woods. 
Kenny took his bow up a tree but didn't have any luck. 
We hung out by the fire pit, played games, watched some football, 
cooked out, looked at magazines, rode the 4-wheeler, took photos, and
watched Sophie run and run and run! 
I need an escape occasionally when you are just forced to slow down! 

Tuesday, October 15

15 October 2013

Wrap it in blue and black
(doesn't sound as good as maroon and white)
...homecoming 2013 is in the books. 
What was the best thing? 
Making memories with friends! 

{Ame, Lucy, Olivia, Anna Grace, and Carly}

Tuesday, October 8

8 October 2013

Another 1st...1st dance!
Dress shopping...yes
Manicure with a friend...yes
Pre-dance photos with friends...yes
Post-dance sleepover with friends...yes
Actual dance...not so much 

Tuesday, October 1

1 October 2013

Might as well spend all of October talking about Homecoming.
It felt like it consumed the whole month! 
A week of dress up days with Carly's mission to wear her Chacos everyday! 
Mission accomplished.  
'Merica Monday

Nerd Day

Decade Day

Minion for Character Day