Saturday, October 27

2012: week 43

We had a busy week around here.
Carly had a tennis lesson,
I worked a little,
Kenny worked a lot.
Carly went to the Fair with a friend,
I made treats for the Fall Festival treat shop,
Kenny played in a golf tournament.
Carly and I had a little photo shoot,
Kenny prayed that we didn't kill each other.
{above is a preview of photos
about 90% have silly faces and peace signs}
Carly started a 7th grade girls Bible study,
I edited the other 10% of photos
{I guess I should be glad they all weren't keepers},
Kenny started planning for opening of hunting season.
Carly spent the night with a friend,
Kenny yelled at the TV 
{trying to change the outcome of the Bulldog's game},
I left the room and took a long bath.

Thursday, October 18

2012: week 42

Proud of hard work and
fabulous 1st 9 weeks grades!
Carly told me that her math teacher announced {out loud}
that she was the only one in her class that had completed the extra credit project. 
With a smile, she told me, "I felt like such a nerd".
I told her that no one ever regrets working hard
and accomplishing their goals.
And besides, there are many happy, successful nerds out there!
Kenny told her that being a nerd would lead her to good grades,
college scholarships, a great job, and she could buy a fabulous car.
A car?? that is such a guy thing!
[No grade in language rotation because it is 3 sections of 12 weeks.
Carly is getting close to finishing French.
Her 2nd 12 weeks, she has Latin.]

Thursday, October 11

2012: week 41

Last weekend Carly went on a Fall Retreat
with her church youth group.
They left at lunch on Saturday
and returned about 8pm on Sunday.
That is probably about all the adults could handle!

They went a few miles north to
the Okatoma River.

They picked the coolest weekend we have had this fall.
The highs Sunday were in the low 60's.
I'm sure in the shade and on the water it was much colder.
Then throw in being wet from falling in a couple of times.
Carly said "it is the COLDEST that I have ever been!" 

I don't think it dampened the fun.
Carly had a great time.

It was Carly's first time to kayak.
She said she liked it better than her
experiences with canoeing.

pictures swiped from J Nelson
Youth Minister

Thursday, October 4

2012: week 40

It is Homecoming Week!
This was our first Homecoming in high school
which means dress up days.
It is a little like a week full of Halloween
but with an opinionated tween
instead of an easy-going toddler.
Monday was Patriotic Day.
It was fun to see everyone dressed in red,white and blue.
Carly found a 99 cent Old Navy shirt at Dirt Cheep
and finally some coordinating PJ pants.
{She decided she preferred PJs
over her school uniform.}
And don't miss those coordinating nails!

Carly took a couple pictures each day with her iPod
so I got to get a glimpse of the fun.
This is her pre-algebra class.
It was good to see that all the girls had dressed up.

Tuesday was Character Day.
Carly and a couple of friends decided
{at school} to be power rangers.
Goodness! It was much more difficult
than it needed to be to get that pulled together.
The back of her shirt said "Power Rangers".
I wish I had a group shot with the red and yellow Power Ranger.

Wednesday was Cowboy and Indian Day.
Carly and her friend Miss L decided to be Indians.
They got together after school and made their shirts,
and then sent countless pictures, texts, emails, and face time
to make sure it was just right.

But I'll have to say that the end product is precious.
Check out that headband that Kenny and I made.
Oh! and I french braided pigtails.  That was a first.
Nothing like learning a new skill at 6:00am.

Next came Throwback Thursday.
We went with the 80's-
neon, splatter paint, converse, big hair, headband
and yes those are sequined shorts.


Friday was Spirit Day.
It was a half day that included a pep rally.
I said a prayer for the teachers.
I hope they didn't plan to accomplish anything.
After school, the softball team rode in the Homecoming Parade.

 It was a fun week. 
Here is Carly with her friend whose name is Carly also.
When I was taking their picture,
I said "Smile Carly squared"
One of the other girls said,
"That's Carly x 2, ha! I get it"
Too funny!

To top the week off, a friend
to go to the ballgame with
and to sleep over.