Saturday, October 27

2012: week 43

We had a busy week around here.
Carly had a tennis lesson,
I worked a little,
Kenny worked a lot.
Carly went to the Fair with a friend,
I made treats for the Fall Festival treat shop,
Kenny played in a golf tournament.
Carly and I had a little photo shoot,
Kenny prayed that we didn't kill each other.
{above is a preview of photos
about 90% have silly faces and peace signs}
Carly started a 7th grade girls Bible study,
I edited the other 10% of photos
{I guess I should be glad they all weren't keepers},
Kenny started planning for opening of hunting season.
Carly spent the night with a friend,
Kenny yelled at the TV 
{trying to change the outcome of the Bulldog's game},
I left the room and took a long bath.


Dawn said...

I'm with Kenny on yelling at the TV! I can't wait to see the mother/daughter pictures.

Kim Sue said...

Oh no Dawn, no mother/daughter photos. Carly is the subject. I'm the photographer! We try every year for the Christmas card. Sometimes we are successful!

Natasha said...

I took our Christmas card pics last week also.. I have to start in October because griffin never cooperates!

Natasha said...

Received your beautiful Christmas card today. Carly is so pretty and you take great pics.