Thursday, October 18

2012: week 42

Proud of hard work and
fabulous 1st 9 weeks grades!
Carly told me that her math teacher announced {out loud}
that she was the only one in her class that had completed the extra credit project. 
With a smile, she told me, "I felt like such a nerd".
I told her that no one ever regrets working hard
and accomplishing their goals.
And besides, there are many happy, successful nerds out there!
Kenny told her that being a nerd would lead her to good grades,
college scholarships, a great job, and she could buy a fabulous car.
A car?? that is such a guy thing!
[No grade in language rotation because it is 3 sections of 12 weeks.
Carly is getting close to finishing French.
Her 2nd 12 weeks, she has Latin.]


Doodle Bugs said...

good job pooh!

Doodle Bugs said...

and as impressive as the good grades are the fact she has 0 absences in some classes. I always have to have a day off!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you,your my favorate g'daughter nerd,love and miss you. gd

Natasha said...

The car comment is hilarious. Only a man would think that would motivate a pre-teen girl! Carly's grades are awesome, especially for being in a new school!!

We are on the trimester system so no news here yet.

Anonymous said...

Wow! LU, Mam-Mam

Anonymous said...

That report card ROCKS....Nonna loves you.

Anonymous said...

Well here's a little logic from a guy's perspective....every pre-teen wants a cell phone, iPhone preferred, and is always talking about what kind of car they want when they get their license. That is powerful leverage. None of them say they want a piece of junk! I'm just sayin'......... Kenny (Dad)

Lene said...

Love those A's.

We always tell our kids the Nerds rule the words and they should embrace their Nerdiness.