Thursday, October 11

2012: week 41

Last weekend Carly went on a Fall Retreat
with her church youth group.
They left at lunch on Saturday
and returned about 8pm on Sunday.
That is probably about all the adults could handle!

They went a few miles north to
the Okatoma River.

They picked the coolest weekend we have had this fall.
The highs Sunday were in the low 60's.
I'm sure in the shade and on the water it was much colder.
Then throw in being wet from falling in a couple of times.
Carly said "it is the COLDEST that I have ever been!" 

I don't think it dampened the fun.
Carly had a great time.

It was Carly's first time to kayak.
She said she liked it better than her
experiences with canoeing.

pictures swiped from J Nelson
Youth Minister


Natasha said...

What a great youth group trip!

Carly is just fitting right in it seems, I am so happy for her. And you!

This is Luci's 1st year being old enough for our church youth group. (Starts in 6th grade) She loves it too. She really wants to do the youth mission trip this summer but I don't think I'm ready to send her off to another state with kids as old as 18 yet although I promised that one summer soon she can go.

Melinda said...

Looks like so much fun! And a nice break for you.