Thursday, October 4

2012: week 40

It is Homecoming Week!
This was our first Homecoming in high school
which means dress up days.
It is a little like a week full of Halloween
but with an opinionated tween
instead of an easy-going toddler.
Monday was Patriotic Day.
It was fun to see everyone dressed in red,white and blue.
Carly found a 99 cent Old Navy shirt at Dirt Cheep
and finally some coordinating PJ pants.
{She decided she preferred PJs
over her school uniform.}
And don't miss those coordinating nails!

Carly took a couple pictures each day with her iPod
so I got to get a glimpse of the fun.
This is her pre-algebra class.
It was good to see that all the girls had dressed up.

Tuesday was Character Day.
Carly and a couple of friends decided
{at school} to be power rangers.
Goodness! It was much more difficult
than it needed to be to get that pulled together.
The back of her shirt said "Power Rangers".
I wish I had a group shot with the red and yellow Power Ranger.

Wednesday was Cowboy and Indian Day.
Carly and her friend Miss L decided to be Indians.
They got together after school and made their shirts,
and then sent countless pictures, texts, emails, and face time
to make sure it was just right.

But I'll have to say that the end product is precious.
Check out that headband that Kenny and I made.
Oh! and I french braided pigtails.  That was a first.
Nothing like learning a new skill at 6:00am.

Next came Throwback Thursday.
We went with the 80's-
neon, splatter paint, converse, big hair, headband
and yes those are sequined shorts.


Friday was Spirit Day.
It was a half day that included a pep rally.
I said a prayer for the teachers.
I hope they didn't plan to accomplish anything.
After school, the softball team rode in the Homecoming Parade.

 It was a fun week. 
Here is Carly with her friend whose name is Carly also.
When I was taking their picture,
I said "Smile Carly squared"
One of the other girls said,
"That's Carly x 2, ha! I get it"
Too funny!

To top the week off, a friend
to go to the ballgame with
and to sleep over.


Natasha said...

What a fun week and it looks like Carly is fitting right in at her new school! My Griffin has another Griffin in his class this year too. I thought his name was so unique but now we are hearing it all over. Luci's friend has a sister named Griffin!

Natasha said...

P.S. I haven't forgotten about you we just haven't made it to Hattiesburg for Luci to visit her lifeguard friends at USM yet. We have had so much going on every weekend.

Melinda said...

Carly looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

Fun Week! LOVE y'all...Mam-Mam