Thursday, April 19

2012 = week 16

We are spending a significant amount of time doing math these days.
Kenny has taken on the task of helper of math homework.
{thank you!!}
I think we are all determined to get Carly on an even playing ground.
Yes, it is the advanced math class but
more than anything it is just a different math program
than they were using before the move.
Last night I learned about negative exponents.
Well, maybe I re-learned about them,
but I don't remember learning them the first time.
I know it wasn't in the 6th grade,
and I'm sure I haven't used them lately.
Don't laugh, when was the last time that you
calculated the area of a triangular prism?


Doodle Bugs Paper said...

this hurts my head thinking about it.. and I am pretty sure there is NO WAY I could undersand it.

Keetha Broyles said...

I taught 6th grade math the last year I taught in Marion, and THAT was the last time I calculated the volume of a triangular prism!

Our youngest daughter changed schools at the beginning of the 2nd semester of her 8th grade year and math was BY FAR the most difficult change for all the reasons you cited.

Natasha said...

oh we are in the same boat! Luci has always made straight A's and never even had to try but when we moved her to private school the teacher told me she was at least a year behind! EEEEK! So we had to hire a tutor and Luci got a B her 1st trimester but by 2nd trimester was up to an A. We will continue with tutoring as long as we have to even though she has an A because I am no help with middle school math (sad but true) and Kim doesn't get home from work until the kids are going to bed.

Anonymous said...

our sixth graders were during areas last week...they had trouble too...but the teacher wanted them to try before going on to 7th grade. love to all, Mam-Mam

Keetha said...

Makes my head hurt, too! My son is in the 4th grade and I can't get over that they do algebra and geometry in the 4th grade. Ugh!

Melinda said...

I am so happy for your family and that you are all back together again!