Friday, July 9

missing megan

{carly and megan, july 4, 2010}
A couple of years ago, Carly met a sweet little girl, Megan, who lived a couple doors down from her Nonna. Over time, they have become great friends. I asked Carly to list some things that her and Megan have had the chance to do together. Carly listed: swim, cook with nonna, watch T.V., sleepovers, go to Bible school, play with her dog, go horseback riding.
{megan with her mom and sister}
Megan's dad recently got orders to return to active duty, so Megan and her family are moving to Texas this week. We are all going to miss Megan and her wonderful family but none more than Carly.

{megan with her dad and sister}


Tater Mama said...

It's hard when a good friend moves away. I hope they can stay in touch through email and Skype. :) And I hope Megan's dad stays safe.

Jill said...

It's sad when friends move away, but the good mail possibilities definitely take the edge off!

Lene said...

It's so hard when friends move away. Carly has such a good example from you of the benefits of Good Mail so I am sure they will keep in touch.