Saturday, January 28

every child is an artist

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
pablo picasso
My sweet girl is turning 12.
How does that happen?

She asked a few friends to celebrate her birthday

with a fun painting party.

MamMam, G'daddy, Aunt Kacey and Kenny painted too.

We had it at the Pleasant Hill Art Center.
It was perfect for a tween party.
The girls had a fabulous time.
Ok, maybe the grown ups had a good time too! I kinda liked a birthday party with guests old enough to take care of themselves and someone else responsible for running the party. My only job was taking pictures. And I still managed to miss some opportunities! The girls were so focused. It was fun to see each of their paintings coming along. When we scheduled the party, Carly picked an owl to paint.
They all thought it was a good choice. Per Carly's request, we had pizza, fruit, and Sam's whipped icing cupcakes.
The gifts from her friends all fit into these categories:
vera bradley
itunes gift cards
Look whoooo's turning 12.
Sorry I couldn't help it.
What a wonderful evening!


Natasha said...

FUN! Luci went to a similar party recently and they all pained a giraffe. Carly's hair is beautiful. Tell her people PAY for that hair!

Melinda said...

What a fun, fun party! Ash would love something like this. Looks like a perfect, fun party.

Doodle Bugs Paper said...

I had a great time!! Seriously! And, I love my owl. And it looks great in my office :o)